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The Players Who Get Away With Everything

As any follower of my posts will know; there’s a certain cynicism about my view on football but it hasn’t been stimulated by Manchester United’s failings over the last few seasons nor any other genuine football reason – it’s almost wholly down to the ludicrously irritating players in the Premier League who get away with utterly anything and are still ... Read More »

There is no such thing as a good draw

Coming away from a football match with a draw is a bit like playing Monopoly, landing on Community Chest, then selecting the card which reads “You Have Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest — Collect $10.” That is to say, there is little reward in not coming out on top. Read More »

Should Wayne Rooney and Manchester United part ways?

We are all aware that the future of Wayne Rooney at Manchester United is up in the air. The rumors are heating up in the media linking him to the Chinese Super League. But the question is – is it good for him? Is it good for Manchester United? Or is there still something to do for the club and ... Read More »

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