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Twitter Reacts To Nigel Pearson’s ‘Ostrich’ Rant


Nigel Pearson has had a tough season, his side Leicester City, look set to be relegated from the Premier League back down to the Championship, despite a promising start at the beginning of the campaign. He’s also had a run in with a fan that produced some less than favourable headlines for the Midlands club. Then earlier this week he ... Read More »

The 10 best tweets about Raheem Sterling’s wage demands


With the news that Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling has turned down a £100k a week (yes you read that right, a week!) we trawled Twitter to find the best comebacks, surprisingly a majority of these have come from Liverpool fans. During an interview with the BBC, Sterling said “”It’s not about the money at all,” even though a £100k a week ... Read More »

No English teams are left in Europe, memes arrive as expected


With Arsenal and Manchester City already ejected from Europe earlier in the week, when Everton suffered their 5-2 defeat at the hands of on Dynamo Kiev on Thursday evening they became the last English to be booted out of a European competition this season, and surprisingly the internet responded! Everton were the last hope of England in Europe and when ... Read More »

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