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Book Review – Saints and Sinners – Southampton’s Hard Men

Every team has one and fans love them, the player that intimidates the opposition with full-blooded tackles and a ferocious will to win. The player is a leader, a warrior, and above all a true hard man. Over the years Southampton Football club have had more than their fair share of character’s that meets these criteria. In Saints and Sinners ... Read More »

Life after football: What are they doing now?

As many footballers will tell you; fifteen to twenty years is all you get as a career – sometimes even less – and the career options once the boots are hung up aren’t all that glamorous in many cases. Here, we’ll look at some players who’ve fallen from the grace of their professional footballing careers and catch up with their ... Read More »

Mourinho’s magnificent man management

Let’s talk about Jose Mourinho’s magnificent man-management. Often vilified in the press and accused of spikiness, Mourinho is painted as an unempathetic figure. But, his management of Anthony Martial and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are a testament to his superb personal skills. Read More »

The Transfer Market: The Cost of the Past Part 3

In the last of the Past Transfer pieces; I’ll be looking at what some of the best of all time sold for and the players in their positions who have commanded more in recent years. When you consider that the great Andrea Pirlo’s combined career transfer fee is just £17 million; it puts into perspective what a waste of money ... Read More »

A scientific approach behind Ronaldo

Ronaldo. A word, name and brand that millions around the world will instantly recognise. Believed to be the best player to grace the Earth, many wonder just how is he so good. Even now, into his thirties, he is still running riot in La Liga and across the world stage. In this article, I will be looking from a scientific ... Read More »

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