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Harry Kane vs Romelu Lukaku – who is a better striker?

It’s been a long-standing debate in the Premier League, and one that doesn’t look like ending anytime soon. Arguably two of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League are Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku – parallels can be drawn between them in many ways, but which is the better striker? Read More »

Managers, Don’t Let Your Players Go Out To Be Injured On International Duty

Chris Smalling and Phil Jones were both injured on international duty

Imagine there’s no countries–It isn’t hard to do–No crocked players to cry for–No seasons down the loo. John Lennon never actually wrote that lyric. Yet, had he been more into football, he might have. Inevitably players come back from international duty injured with clubs having little recourse to address their loss. International football is the neighbor who, with little more than ... Read More »

Will Netherlands’ woes see it miss another major tournament?

Danny Blind paid the ultimate price for the Netherlands' woes

The Dutch national team used to be feared. These days, it is a side in disarray, one in serious danger of missing out on yet another major international tournament. A 2-0 defeat away to Bulgaria on Saturday highlights the Netherlands’ woes. L’Oranje sit fourth in its group, five points off top spot. To win the group is virtually impossible. All that remains ... Read More »

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