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Why the FIFA games do not satisfy a football fan


EA’s Goliath FIFA football gaming franchise has been the staple of home consoles since the mid-1990’s and, in essence, the formula has never changed. Essentially, it’s a footballing simulator for people to play when the real thing doesn’t quite satisfy enough – but there are a number of reasons why football fans are coming up dissatisfied with the FIFA series these ... Read More »

Five key Premier League players who could leave their clubs

While the mainstream media remains focused on some impressive players’ futures, a lot is still to be said for other important players who could move on more quietly than the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez and Antoine Griezmann. Here’s a rundown of five key Premier League players who might switch clubs this summer. Read More »

How Chinese money could make Chelsea even better

Ben Darvill doesn't mind if Diego Costa's head has been turned by bags and bags of Chinese money.

This summer’s transfer window could prove to be among the most exciting in footballing history. So many leagues now boast massive spending power. The Premier League has always been at the forefront when it comes to financial muscle flexing but they are suddenly being usurped by the world’s surprise league package. The Chinese Super League has been throwing around serious dosh in ... Read More »

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