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Why losing Kyle Walker would not hurt Tottenham too badly

In the midst of reports, notably from media outlets like Daily Mail and The Times, there are whispers of a potential move for Kyle Walker to Manchester City – for a fee around £50 million. It might come shocking to many that Tottenham Hotspur could be seeing the back of one of the best in their squad. Read More »

English goalkeeping is as competitive as it has ever been

England goalkeeping prospect Jack Butland

England’s national football team might be the most maligned outfit in sport. For such a talented side with an incredibly rich history, they struggle massively in major competitions and have not been close to lifting any sort of trophy in the past few decades. For the fans and the players, it has been an unforgiving spell.  Read More »

The Championship: The teams that will be staving off relegation


The Championship is perhaps the hardest league to predict. England’s second tier has a mischevious way of throwing up surprises, both at the top and at the bottom. Yet, we’ve had a go, nonetheless  – we took a look at who could be fighting for promotion, now let’s take a look at who could be fighting for survival. Read More »

Was there any point to the Garcia Report?

The 2014 Garcia report into World Cup bidding corruption was leaked to Bild, then released by FIFA this week. Yet, its confirmation serves little purpose.

News flash. The bidding for the 2018 and ’22 World Cups was rife with corruption. The 2014 Garcia Report, which FIFA refused to release in full until it was leaked to German news outlet Bild on Monday, confirms it. With the cat out of the bag, FIFA officially released the full document a day later. As Garcia’s investigation was an ... Read More »

Dani Alves offers perfect Premier League tester

With a move to the Premier League likely after leaving Juventus, Dani Alves will provide the perfect test of continental defenders and the English game.

Dani Alves is considered one of the best full-backs of the past decade. I, however, have always criticised his defensive ability and lack of physical stature. With a move to the Premier League highly probable after announcing his exit from Juventus, Alves’ first season in England will provide the perfect test of continental defenders and how they handle the English ... Read More »

Three kinds of clubs: The Premier League middle class

There are three types of clubs: ones in the hunt for a top four place, facing the drop, and those discussed here, the comfy Premier League middle class.

There’s a new t-shirt making the rounds. It says “there are two kinds of people in the world: those who can extrapolate data.” This might help if you don’t get the joke. There are many ‘two kinds of people’ classifications out there but I like to think there are three types of clubs in England’s top flight: those competing for ... Read More »

The three positions Manchester City must strengthen

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola

Of all the teams in the top four of the Premier League, Manchester City are the ones most in need of reinforcements. For Chelsea and Tottenham, it is now a case of fine tuning their side and adding to their squad. Liverpool is in desperate need of 20+ goals a season striker and a new goalkeeper. City needs a lot ... Read More »

The most ridiculous transfer speculations so far

Everybody loves a good transfer rumour, what about the dumb ones? Absolutely not. Yes, gossips are inevitable during this time of the year. But when they are about some players whose only chance of joining certain teams are in fantasy football, then it becomes ridiculously hilarious and chuckling. Read More »

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