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Summer transfer deals so far – Serie A

Itallian football has long been a player in the transfer market. Let's take a peek at the money being thrown about on Serie A transfers this summer.

Italian football has long been a player in the international transfer market. Juventus started the ball rolling by recruiting Argentines Luis Monti and Raimundo Orsi in the 1930s. The two also represented the Azzurri in the 1934 World Cup despite having already featured for the Albiceleste. Liga Calcio hasn’t stopped looking for the best talent since. As we’ve already examined ... Read More »

Losing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is Arsenal losing its future

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is nearing an Arsenal exit as contract talks have stalled once more. Such is the 23-year-old’s remarkable gift, athletically, technically and mentally, if the Gunners are forced into selling the vibrant, effervescent midfielder, then they will be losing an entrenched part of their future. Read More »

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