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Arsenal: Actions speak louder than words

Through a myriad of sales and not many additions, Arsenal has made a £27 million profit this summer. For most clubs, this would be seen as a positive sign highlighting a responsible and considered running of the club. But for the Gunners, a club that spouted its ambition as Arsene Wenger signed a new two-year contract, it’s absolutely criminal. Read More »

How does Arsene Wenger get out of another self-dug hole?

Love him or loathe him, Arsene Wenger delivers success that is sustainable to the core

It’s quite a usual phenomenon to see Arsenal and Arsene Wenger start a season wobbling and fumbling. The 2017/18 campaign has been no different. With a scrappy win and two back-to-back Premier League defeats in the early days of the season, question-marks hovers glaringly above Mr Arsene Wenger; how does he get his team out of the mire? Read More »

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