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No pitch designs, retrospective diving bans and grumpy F.A… what’s new with the Premier League?

We have looked at Europe's early summer business but have saved the best for last. It's time to critique the most significant Premier League transfers.

Mind maps litter desks, stale cups of coffee build a miniature sky-line and sweat diffuses the office as modern-day geniuses draw up new ideas for the 2017/18 Premier League. All those coloured pencils, Number One Dad/Mum mugs and abhorrent lack of deodorant was worth it though, folks, as these enviably clever people have produced imaginative and progressive rules for the ... Read More »

The Transfer Knock-on Effect: A Neymar Example

We all know about the worlds most expensive transfer which occurred very recently. Neymar Jr. transferred from F.C Barcelona to PSG this summer making all the headlines. But at such a high cost, the money received by Barcelona will have to be used eventually. The fee agreed is estimated to be around £190m. Read More »

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