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Three potential replacements for under-fire Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe

The Premier League is a dog eat dog world, nobody’s job is safe (unless you’re Arsene Wenger). The financial pressures of football have forced club owners to become more ruthless by the day.

A string of bad results has become less tolerable than before and it’s no longer viewed as a blip. The fear of being relegated from the Premier League is so great that any sign of it happening is treated with a sacking.

This week we’ve seen how ruthless the league can be as Frank De Boer was given his severance papers after just four league games in charge. Granted he’s lost all four but Palace committed to a new style of football and the board have refused to give it sufficient time to manifest.

Eddie Howe is now facing a similar problem and the Englishman’s time on the South Coast may just be coming to an end.

Here are 3 replacements for Eddie Howe.

Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini would be a classy Bournemouth manager

Roberto Mancini won the Premier League in 2012

Rumour has it that the Italian is itching for a move back to the Premier League. The 52-year old is currently the manager of Zenit Saint Petersburg who are sitting top of the Russian Premier League. However, there’s no place like the English Premier League and Roberto Mancini was born for the bright lights of England.

AFC Bournemouth are a unique proposition as they have the perfect blend of hard-working, quick, dedicated and strong players. Mancini was known for his time at Manchester City to be a coach that relies on width, this perfectly suits the current personnel at the Vitality Stadium.

The appointment of Mancini would validate Bournemouth’s status as a club on the verge of international fame. Being in the Premier League helps but having a manager of the pedigree of Roberto Mancini solidifies it.

David Moyes

David Moyes should become Bournemouth manager

David Moyes won 52% of his games at Manchester United

It’s unfair to discount all of David Moyes’ work at Everton because of his horror shows at Manchester United and Sunderland. The Scotsman is still a respected figure in the Premier League and he certainly has the tools to excel. The 54-year old is pragmatic in his approach to games as he goes back to basics for any opposition he faces.

If he were to come to Bournemouth he would expel the expansive style Bournemouth currently possess and implement a rigid 4-4-2 that defends compactly. The signing of David Moyes wouldn’t go down too well with the Bournemouth faithful but once the results start to change, they’ll come around.

Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel's first job in England should be at Bournemouth

Thomas Tuchel won the German Cup with Borussia Dortmund

Young, driven and ambitious, Thomas Tuchel is the perfect man to turn things around at Bournemouth. His stint at Borussia Dortmund may not have been the best but the German did win silverware and breed a whole generation of new youth players. He laid the foundations for a dynasty at Dortmund and he could do the same at the Vitality Stadium.

Tuchel’s approach is simple, if you dominate the space off the ball you dominate the game with the ball. He infuses energy into his systems, ensuring the whole team presses as a unit, thus suffocating teams of space to play in. Tuchel’s philosophy would suit the Premier League well as he’d use the intensity of the league to his advantage.

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