The Transfer Knock-on Effect: A Neymar Example

Saturday 12th August 2017
We all know about the worlds most expensive transfer which occurred very recently. Neymar Jr. transferred from F.C Barcelona to PSG this summer making all the headlines. But at such a high cost, the money received by Barcelona will have to be used eventually. The fee agreed is estimated to be around £190m.

Now we have known about this for some time but what is yet to happen will be down to Barcelona. The Spanish giants have more than enough money to spend. Even before the sale of Neymar, they weren't shy of a few euros. With how the transfer market has inflated over the past few years, Barcelona will not mess about if they want a player.

They even bought Neymar at a staggering £52m when the Brazilian was only 21-years-old back in 2013. Barca has always been a club that made sure they are buying the best of the best. The reputation they have built up throughout their history will be further stretched by an exceeded expectation every year.
Letting go of a high-calibre player like Neymar is a big blow, but financially it is a positive outcome. With certain players linked with moves to Barcelona, it can be a scary time for fans of specific clubs right now. Money can be dangerous and can cause managers to buy the wrong players. You don't want to be wasting £50m on a striker who could possibly get injured and is then out for 8-9 months. But in this day and age, managers are willing to take that risk.

If Barcelona goes on to spend their Neymar money it would have a huge knock-on effect. For example, Barca spends £30m on a player from club A, this would give club A a nice amount of extra cash to sign another player. They could go on to sign a player with the money they received from Barcelona and the knock-on effect will just keep going from club to club.

In other words, PSG has basically unsettled the transfer market in numerous steps. Barcelona will have to replace what was seen as one of their best players. This would mean they have no option but to buy another world class player. They would have to spend most of the money they received from PSG during the Neymar deal.
As each deal goes, one step at a time, it becomes obvious that every club on the receiving end will have empty slots in their squads. This means they will have to desperately search for another one capable of being the replacement.

This deal has also triggered player demands. Certain players have reacted due to what has happened recently and they want what is best for their own future. The weird thing about football is that clubs will overvalue their players. Also, other clubs will actually agree to their demands.

What most football fans like to see is a manager who doesn't want to sell his best players. Even if a big club comes in offering more than enough amounts of money. The way football has evolved can be quite scary in terms of how money is dealt within the sport. It is just something we need to get used to as it will become the norm.
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