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2017-18 Premier League Preview, pt 3: The Other Guys

I’m both a Premier League junkie and film buff. As a writer, I view that as an opportunity to use movies as metaphors for this three-part Premier League preview. As a reader, at least you don’t have to pay too much for the popcorn. You can read the first two installments in this trilogy elsewhere in the IRAIW movie-plex. The Magnificent ... Read More »

2017-18 Premier League Preview, pt 2: The Abyss

When not streaming a match, chances are I'm watching a film. No surprise, then, I've labeled this Premier League preview for relegation sides The Abyss.

If I’m not streaming a football match, chances are I’m watching a really good flick. No surprise then that I’ve decided to use three of my favourite films as metaphors for certain clubs in my 2017-18 Premier League preview. The Magnificent Seven covered the title and European contenders. Now it’s time for the sides trying to avoid the drop. Read More »

2017/18 Premier League Preview, pt 1: The Magnificent Seven

Apologies to Yul Brynner and Denzel Washington, but we'll refer to the title and European contenders in this Premier League preview as our Magnificent Seven

If I had to liken English football to three movies–hey, these things happen!–I would choose The Magnificent Seven, The Abyss, and The Other Guys. Hopefully, it’s obvious I’m dividing clubs into those contending for the title or Europe, ones facing the drop, and the rest, all with intent to craft a Premier League preview for the 2017-18 season. If not, ... Read More »

The modern football captain’s role

Football Captain

With some very high profile Premier League captains departing their current clubs this summer, new club and team captains will be selected to lead their squad out on Matchday. However, what exactly is the role of the captain these days? Do they have some special responsibilities within the club or is it more of a symbolic role in the modern ... Read More »

Aleksandar Mitrovic must grasp golden opportunity to prove his worth

Following the news that Newcastle United’s top goalscorer Dwight Gayle is likely to miss up to a month of action after suffering a recurrence of his troublesome hamstring injury during Monday night’s 2-0 victory over Aston Villa, tempestuous Serbian live wire Aleksandar Mitrovic looks set to spearhead the Magpies’ attack going into a season-defining run of fixtures against the club’s ... Read More »

Rafa, Toon, and a Football Manager’s Many Roads

Robert Frost celebrated individuality and choice with his poem The Road Not Taken. In our result-driven myopia, football fans see managers who arrive at success from unexpected origins as emulating Frost’s spirit, ignoring that they are all seeking to climb the same mountain but have merely been forced to travel back roads to beat traffic, as it were. Read More »

Fashion laws in football explained

Football has some strange fashion laws which seemingly have nothing to do with actually playing the game. Whilst these rules are largely adhered to in the Premier League, lower league clubs and players are regularly in trouble with officials for not abiding by the rules. Here are three fashion rules you argue about every Saturday afternoon explained… Read More »

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