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Book Review – It’s Only Banter – The Autobiography of Leroy Rosenior

Leroy Rosenior

By his own admission, the football career of Leroy Rosenior wasn’t the most glorious or trophy-laden. The central theme of his compelling story, however, goes way beyond his achievements on the pitch and in the dug-out. It is the story of being a black footballer in 1980’s England where insults, threats, prejudice and discrimination were a daily occurrence. Where racism was ... Read More »

Book Review – The Illustrated History of Football

The Illustrated History of Football

You might not instantly recognise the name.  However, the work of David Squires will be instantly recognisable to football fans around the world as his weekly comic strips have adorned the Guardian newspaper for several years now. His spot on comments and satirical humour are a joy to behold. Now he’s taken the steps to have his first book published – The Illustrated ... Read More »

Film Review – Iron Men – The story of West Ham United leaving Upton Park

“This ain’t a football club; this is a family” are the opening words of Iron Men: a line taken from Mark Noble’s moving speech delivered after the last match at Upton Park. The line is indicative of the Iron Men’s overall tone, seeking to pull at heart strings with their behind-the-scenes analysis of the London Stadium move. Undoubtedly, Iron Men ... Read More »

Book Review – Saints and Sinners – Southampton’s Hard Men

Every team has one and fans love them, the player that intimidates the opposition with full-blooded tackles and a ferocious will to win. The player is a leader, a warrior, and above all a true hard man. Over the years Southampton Football club have had more than their fair share of character’s that meets these criteria. In Saints and Sinners ... Read More »

Book Review: Tony Collins: Football Master Spy

Tony Collins is a well-respected former player, manager, assistant coach, and chief scout. In this book – Tony Collins: Football Master Spy, which was released six months ago, it provides a detailed account of his career in the game he holds so dearly. Read More »

Book Review – Of Fossils & Foxes – The Official, Definitive History of Leicester City Football Club

In 2016 Leicester City became champions of England, Premier League winners and debutants in Europe’s glamorous Champions League. It hasn’t always been like this as the 2015-16 triumph represented the pinnacle in the club’s 132 years of existence. A history packed with ups and downs, successes and heartbreak.The excellent and truly definitive ‘Of Fossils & Foxes’ brings to life, through a concoction ... Read More »

Book Review – Coventry City: A Club Without A Home

Coventry City famously left their Highfield Road home in 2005 to play at the purpose built Ricoh Arena, but for a dark period of 18 months they moved out of nirvana to play at Sixfields Stadium, this is the full story behind what happened to the former Premier League mainstays. Read More »

Book Review – Tunnel of Love – Football, Fighting and Failure: Newcastle United after the Entertainers

Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United were a joy to watch. With an intoxicating brand of high scoring and free flowing football, they had become the neutrals favourite, the nation’s 2nd team, one that was surely on an unstoppable march to success, glory and domination of the English game for years to come. Read More »

Book Review – Johan Cruyff, My Turn The Autobiography

Johan Cruyff was widely regarded as one of football’s greatest players. Through his playing career, he was synonymous with the ideology of Total Football, a style where every player could play in any position on the pitch. His philosophy still lives on in teams across Europe. Read More »

Book Review: Ron Atkinson: The Manager

The memoirs of one of the most well-known British football managers over the last thirty years were recently released. Titled Ron Atkinson: The Manager, the book describes in detail Big Ron’s career as a player, manager, and television pundit. Read More »

Book Review: The Wenger Revolution

Arsene Wenger recently celebrated 20 years as manager of Arsenal. Wenger’s journey with the club has seen some incredible moments, along with some painful defeats, and it’s all retold in this compelling book: The Wenger Revolution: Twenty years of Arsenal. Read More »

Book Review – Studying Football

Studying Football is the first book designed specifically to guide and support the study of football on degree-level courses, across the full range of social-scientific perspectives Read More »

Book Review: Fearless: The amazing underdog story of Leicester City

In the newly released book: Fearless: the amazing underdog story of Leicester City, the greatest miracle in sports history; Jonathan Northcroft recounts Leicester City’s incredible journey, which culminated in the Foxes being crowned Premier League champions. Read More »

Book Review; Up Front – Kerry Dixon My Autobiography

Dixon was a goal-scoring machine during the 1980’s but like some of his peers he had a spectacular fall from grace, this autobiography covers his addictions and his quest to rebuild his life. Read More »

Book Review – Graduation Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer

It is often perceived as the dream job – getting paid thousands of pounds for doing something you love. For many children and adults alike there could be nothing better in life than being a professional footballer. For Richard Lee, however, this was not the case as he confesses ‘The truth is that I don’t love football, I never have’. Read More »

Book Review: The Bundesliga Blueprint: How Germany became the home of Football

Germany have just won the 2014 World Cup and the nation celebrates. With players like Mario Götze having their best years in front of them it seems likely that Germany will be entering a period of dominance like Spain before them. Yet, fourteen years previously – at Euro 2000 – it was all so different. Germany crashed out of the ... Read More »

Book Review: Worst in the world – International Football at the Bottom

Everyone likes to support the underdog, whether it is in domestic competitions or in the international ones, we lean toward the giant killers and the ‘cupsets’. ‘Worst in the world’ is a look at the international teams who are routinely crushed by superior opposition. Read More »

Book Review: How the Klopp ticks: An unofficial biography of Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has been in our faces for more than a decade now. The antecedents of the man have so far been unprecedented. Within the past few years, Klopp’s successes as a football manager have been on a geometric rise. How the Klopp ticks is a book that tells us more about the life and times of a man who ... Read More »

3 football stadiums you have to visit!

If you can find a football fan that does not like visiting football stadiums, then I will be very surprised! Travelling to different stadiums is the best part of the football experience. However, small or large a stadium is, the atmosphere can be electric. So, here are three stadiums that you should try and visit as soon as possible. Read More »

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