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The weird and wonderful Premier League

As one of Europe’s most competitive league, the Premier League has an enormous following. Realistically, this should mean that many of you remember these weird and wonderful occurrences from the history books of England’s top flight. I bet you didn’t know a few of these! Read More »

Football advances we desperately need

Having covered some footballing advances that completely failed; it seemed a good idea to look at the technology the beautiful game could do with researching, funding and implementing ASAP. Granted, some of these may be rather fanciful but take some time to look into the reasoning – you’ll soon convert to my way of thinking. Read More »

Footballing advances that utterly failed

If like many, you are a fan of gadgets and suchlike then you will no doubt keep a keen eye on the technological advances being introduced to football year after year. Some have been roaring successes: Goal line technology, headsets for referees and several others but there’s also been a lot that really have not taken off… Read More »

A monody for Alex Song

The former Cameroonian international, Alex Song and his career have become something worthy of a harrowing ode. His blockbuster move from Arsenal to Barcelona didn’t materialise into what he expected and now he struggles to get into the first team of a mid-table Russian side. But where did the ballad go off key for the player? Read More »

A New Spring for the Champions League?

The Champions League needs a new spring to reach maximum excitement levels.

Every new spring in America is beautiful. I’m not talking about the sun coming out, temperatures rising, slender green shoots sprouting from fertile soil, flowers blooming, birds warbling, or squirrels scampering. I’m sure that’s all wonderful and I’ve heard of it. I even have a few murky memories from having experienced such things before becoming a sports fan. What’s done is done, however. These days, ... Read More »

Football’s Bad Days: A Reminder Of Past Incidents

In football, all too often it can be a really bad day for a team, a player, a manager or all three at once. Losing a game is one thing and it’s difficult to swallow but how about those days where there’s absolutely nothing you can do about the defecation hitting the extraction? What about the worst days of footballer’s ... Read More »

The best (or worst) unethical footballer haircuts

World journeyman and Ghanaian football legend, Asamoah Gyan has recently been found guilty of having “unethical hair” by the UAE FA. Whilst it’s unknown whether Gyan will be making a swift appointment at the barbers or not, there’s no better time to look at some of the best unethical hairstyles from footballers past and present. Read More »

Alternative required for serial winners

In football, there are few certainties. The grass is green, the ball is round and Celtic will win the Scottish Premier League. Wait, that’s not right. Well it shouldn’t be, yet some leagues just aren’t competitive – but what can be done about it? Read More »

Sepp Blatter was just trying to save the butterflies

On Monday, I wrote a piece centred on Rob Styles’ performance in Sunday’s match between Manchester United and Tottenham at Old Trafford, illustrating how the rules of the game can sometimes make life difficult for referees. Wednesday evening saw United at Selhurst Park to meet Crystal Palace and it witnessed match official Craig Pawson make life difficult for himself.  Read More »

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