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A lost save on FIFA 17, what next?


Something nobody should have to endure. Losing all that time and effort, usually in seconds and it’s all over. The worst thing for any football gamer, the irretrievable void of desperation. That’s the lost save on FIFA 17 and there’s very little you can about it.  Read More »

Why the FIFA games do not satisfy a football fan


EA’s Goliath FIFA football gaming franchise has been the staple of home consoles since the mid-1990’s and, in essence, the formula has never changed. Essentially, it’s a footballing simulator for people to play when the real thing doesn’t quite satisfy enough – but there are a number of reasons why football fans are coming up dissatisfied with the FIFA series these ... Read More »

Football Manager: Addiction, rage and labour pains

For some, booze is their vice for others, it’s gambling or hard drugs. My vice has had me hooked for close to 20 years and still has a slight hold on me, as I am a casual user. My vice is Football Manager or Championship Manager as it was called back when I first got acquainted with it. Read More »

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