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My Football Club Isn’t Doing It for Me Anymore, Can I Switch?

In 2017 you can commit as much or as little time to anything you like. You can change your car, partner, beer and even your gender. But so much as think of changing your football club and eyebrows will be raised. Read More »

The halfway line goal – not as impressive as you think

We’ve all seen them and we’ve all marvelled at the sheer class a halfway line goal shows but, if you take a closer look and disassemble the goal itself, they may not be anywhere near as impressive as you might imagine. Read More »

Leicester City: What’s gone so wrong?

Well, I guess there’s only one place to begin – during the summer. If there were several things Leicester needed to make sure of, it was that they did the following: Read More »

The magnificent 47 teams who have graced the Premier League

Next May sees the completion of a quarter century of Premier League seasons. The 24 seasons that have played out thus far have only yielded a relatively thin number of champion clubs, just six different destinations for the trophy in all. Read More »

Five-a-Side is a more complete game of football

Football, there’s so many variations of the world’s favourite sport – but a trusty five-a-side is arguably more of a comprehensive form of the game than the traditional eleven-a-side we watch every week. Read More »

Taking the Mkhitaryan

I’m quite sure Antonín Panenka had no inkling of the far-reaching legacy he was about to gift the world of football as he lined up to take his crucial spot-kick for Czechoslovakia in the European Championship final of 1976. Read More »

What has happened to the 4-4-2 formation?

When I first started watching football at a young age I was intrigued by the game, as we all were when we were young. Always asking questions to learn more about the game we grew up to love. Read More »

The Old Man United: Why I Miss The Old Days, Ways, And Players

I am going to go ahead and say it, “I miss the old Manchester United.” I believed in their style, their play, their domination of the Premier League, and their ability to reenergize themselves to be practically unbeatable under the leadership of Alex Ferguson. It’s pretty much to do with some of the old players/ways of Man U. Read More »

Flashback: 2016 – A year of surprises

As we have entered into the final week of 2016, and before we bid adieu to the year, I would like to take you to a short memory ride of the football events that left the world shell-shocked at times, and these stories and situations are why we all love the beautiful game so much. Read More »

Confessions of a Fantasy Football Addict

It’s a game that is played and enjoyed by millions of fans around the world, but it gets very little coverage in the press, we are of course talking about fantasy football. Read More »

Is attack really the best form of defence?

“Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles” so said Sir Alex Ferguson, and he knew a thing or two about winning a league title. But does that statement still ring true? Read More »

An ode to Steven Gerrard from a Manchester United fan

Earlier on in the week, Steven Gerrard decided to hang up his boots for good and call time on an excellent career. However, as a Manchester United fan this news just brought those memories streaming back through my mind, and my there are some excellent ones to look back on. Read More »

Our endless obsession for football

Over the weekend it was the same story for many of us again -we cleared our schedule so as not to miss out on any interesting football fixture being played in Europe. We trooped to the stadium or stayed glued to the TV, to catch a glimpse of our football stars. When will this routine ever end? Read More »

3 of the weirdest football stories of the week

The world of football can be incredibly unusual. Matches can be called off for the most bizarre reasons and we have seen this numerous times over the last couple of years. The footballing world will hopefully never lose it weirdness and to celebrate it here are three footballing stories that we believe can be classed as relatively weird, that have ... Read More »

Six Things That We Loved About The 2014 World Cup

The furor surrounding the political climate in Brazil and stadium building schedules being pushed to the very last minute, hung a dark cloud over the World Cup prior to the opening game. However, the bleakness and negativity scurried away with its tail between its legs as soon as the first ball was kicked as international football once again proved it ... Read More »

Why I Love Football – Abigail Davies

This week’s Why I Love Football comes from Wales with Swansea City supporter Abigail Davies providing her thoughts on the beautiful game. Read More »

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