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Time and space: Football’s critical optical illusion

Despite playing on the largest surface, there may be less time and space available to a footballer than any other athlete competing in a team sport.

To the naked eye, an empty football pitch appears massive. It doesn’t look much smaller when occupied by 22 men battling for control over a single ball. Yet, there may be less time and space available to a footballer than any other athlete competing in an enclosed space in a team sport. The optical illusion that there is time and ... Read More »

Why players must be fully medically screened

The tragic news that former Newcastle United attacker Cheick Tiote passed away after collapsing in a training session in China has been a shock to all. The Ivorian was just 30-years-old and was taken to hospital in China where he had been playing for Beijing Enterprises in the Second Division. This shocking news is further evidence to support the case that ... Read More »

Taking the Mkhitaryan

I’m quite sure Antonín Panenka had no inkling of the far-reaching legacy he was about to gift the world of football as he lined up to take his crucial spot-kick for Czechoslovakia in the European Championship final of 1976. Read More »

The Old Man United: Why I Miss The Old Days, Ways, And Players

Manchester United

I am going to go ahead and say it, “I miss the old Manchester United.” I believed in their style, their play, their domination of the Premier League, and their ability to reenergize themselves to be practically unbeatable under the leadership of Alex Ferguson. It’s pretty much to do with some of the old players/ways of Man U. Read More »

Flashback: 2016 – A year of surprises

As we have entered into the final week of 2016, and before we bid adieu to the year, I would like to take you to a short memory ride of the football events that left the world shell-shocked at times, and these stories and situations are why we all love the beautiful game so much. Read More »

Our endless obsession for football

Over the weekend it was the same story for many of us again -we cleared our schedule so as not to miss out on any interesting football fixture being played in Europe. We trooped to the stadium or stayed glued to the TV, to catch a glimpse of our football stars. When will this routine ever end? Read More »

3 of the weirdest football stories of the week

The world of football can be incredibly unusual. Matches can be called off for the most bizarre reasons and we have seen this numerous times over the last couple of years. The footballing world will hopefully never lose it weirdness and to celebrate it here are three footballing stories that we believe can be classed as relatively weird, that have ... Read More »

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