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Netherlands: What’s happened to l’Oranje?

Fans protesting at the Netherlands match

After last Thursday, it’s fair to say the fortunes of these historically great footballing nations have turned. France’s embarrassment of riches in every position is in full view now while the Oranje vine looks to be running dry. But it wasn’t like always this. The Dutch team has been a factory where some of the most graceful players in history ... Read More »

Can aspiring football nations really prosper?

Harry Kane celebrates scoring against Malta, one of many aspiring football nations

Malta tend to lose. Gibraltar tend to lose. San Marino tend to lose. Is there any point in them even trying to qualify for the major tournaments? Given their attempts will be greeted with disappointment and probable heartache for their followers. Surely FIFA can support these aspiring football nations in a different way. Read More »

Was there any point to the Garcia Report?

The 2014 Garcia report into World Cup bidding corruption was leaked to Bild, then released by FIFA this week. Yet, its confirmation serves little purpose.

News flash. The bidding for the 2018 and ’22 World Cups was rife with corruption. The 2014 Garcia Report, which FIFA refused to release in full until it was leaked to German news outlet Bild on Monday, confirms it. With the cat out of the bag, FIFA officially released the full document a day later. As Garcia’s investigation was an ... Read More »

Guerrero is on fire – Can Peru qualify for Russia 2018?

Paolo Guerrero celebrates with Peru

The veteran striker is well known for his time spent in Germany with both Bayern Munich and Hamburg SV, but now he is ripping up the South American streets for Peru. They are five points off from going to Russia with four games to go. Can Captain Guerrero and his rich form take Peru to their first World Cup since ... Read More »

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