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A day out at Meadow Lane

Meadow Lane

The Nottingham Derby, as previously documented an unusual encounter between two sides from the East Midlands. I visited the game last week and enjoyed it. But what’s Meadow Lane like, was it a dull pre-season friendly or a ferocious game of Nottingham pride? Read More »

The Nottingham Derby and the history of the fixture

Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough

 The city of Nottingham is archaically known as the Queen of the Midland and certainly has a pedigree of footballing royalty. The urban area of Nottingham is home to 700,000+ people and two football clubs. Next week, the two clubs meet in a friendly encounter of the Nottingham derby. Read More »

Could Nottingham Forest and Notts County merge?

Clubs are often built on their strong individual identity, it’s their colours, crest and supporters which make the club what it is. But, what about if you combine two clubs? An almost unthinkable prospect for most supporters – but in times of peril, could these two Nottinghamshire teams come together and go forward? Read More »

Big clubs that appear to have shrunk in stature

Some football clubs cannot get past the concept of being a so-called ‘big club’, despite their total reliance on past glories to support this claim. This has led to all manner of problems for numerous clubs simply because they won’t admit their best days are behind them and they must rebuild their reputations to recapture the glory. Read More »

Players who moved abroad before Beckham

A trend started, in the public eye, by David Beckham; heading to a lesser known or covered league for the twilight of a player’s career is commonplace these days. However, there were many who moved on to pastures new for quieter lives long before Beckham lit the MLS touchpaper. Read More »

My Trip to the City Ground

For Christmas, I treated my dad to tickets to see his favoured football team – Nottingham Forest. It was my first visit to see the ‘Original Reds’; and it was certainly not one I’ll forget. Read More »

The fall and fall of Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner’s return to England with Championship side, Nottingham Forest, sums up the Danes plodding slump from grace to grass in the last couple of years. A player one time compared to the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimović but over time has failed to live up to his own hype. Read More »

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