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Book Review - Fixing Sixty Six
19:00 Wednesday 12th February 2020

30th July 1966 – The most joyous day in English sporting history. Memories of England’s World Cup triumph are as vivid today as they were 55 years ago as the Three Lions, thanks to Geoff Hurst’s glorious hat-trick, beat West…

12 abandoned Football League grounds
17:30 Friday 31st January 2020

The UK’s football landscape changed markedly in recent decades and not just in cultural terms. The money, media hype and pampered players all turned the game into more of a television show than a sport but the most striking…

Equal time: VAR removes football's biggest talking points
10:01 Friday 19th January 2018

This is purely an emotional argument. I don't care. Emotions are important too. The 1966 World Cup Final is being debated to this day, the legitimacy of Sir Geoff Hurst’s strike still being mooted a half-century after it was…