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Premier League
Is Gunners visit to Old Trafford a Premier League Top-6 eulogy?
17:01 Monday 30th September 2019

Yuval Noah Harari impressed the world as a historian with his book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. He then flexed his philosophical muscle with Homo Deus, in which he discussed humankind’s future [hopefully not so brief]. …

Premier League
Who are the Premier League transfer window moneymakers?
08:00 Wednesday 14th August 2019

The transfer window is intended to sign players who can improve a club. To use it for any other purpose invites derision. Fans will tell you a club that doesn't spend is either too small or lacks ambition. Developing and selling on…

Premier League
Why is Chelsea failing the eye test?
09:00 Friday 24th May 2019

Last year, West Ham chief scout Tony Henry lost his job for categorising African players as “troublemakers”. He admitted the club avoided signing them after a bad experience or two.  Once Henry was sacked, the furore subsided…

Premier League
Premier League Preview: The problem with supporting Chelsea is always having to say you're Sarri
09:00 Wednesday 8th August 2018

Chelsea finished their title defence a meagre fifth after throwing away several last-ditch chances to claw their way back to the Champion's League spots. With entry into the Europa League and head coach Antonio Conte sacked, 2017/18 was…

This Is My Club
The Return of The Special One Ends With a Not So Special Season For Chelsea
15:55 Wednesday 14th May 2014

Chelsea fan Kieron Ryan shares his thoughts on the Chelsea's 2013/14 campaign,which saw the return of Jose Mourinho as manager. The return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea did not give Chelsea fans a fairy-tale end to the season, but if it can be…

Abramovich -The Root Of Chelsea's Problems!
21:50 Sunday 4th March 2012
By Harry

Today at about 1pm, I heard the news that Andre Villas-Boas had been sacked as manager of Chelsea FC. Being a lifelong Manchester United fan, I should have greeted this news with celebration and a few sarcastic tweets aimed at my Chelsea-supporting…

Loyalty - A Virtue Lost in Football?
15:55 Friday 1st July 2011

Every football fan will have at some point or another voiced their displeasure at the departure of their team's talismanic figure. For ‘small clubs‘ this is all too familiar, as reputable clubs constantly prey on their most prized players.…