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10 of the best footballing academies in the world in recent years
14:40 Monday 21st November 2016

"The foundation of every football club is in its youth."  With all the Financial Fair Play rules coming in, it is now very important for all the football clubs to produce players from their own academies to compete in the modern footballing…

Premier League
Why Premier League Academies Are Strangling The Lifeblood Of The Game
19:49 Thursday 20th March 2014

Locked away in the vaults of the Premier League's official site is one of the most intriguing documents you will find about the state of British football; it is the Premier League's official Youth Development Rules, updated for the 2013/14…

Damned if they do, damned if they don't – The Football League forced to adopt the Elite Player Performance Plan
19:06 Friday 21st October 2011

Yesterday, the 72 Football League Clubs voted in favour of the proposed overhaul of English football's youth system. 46 clubs voted in favour, 22 voted against and there were 3 no-shows and 1 abstention. These changes are the implementation…