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Premier League
Raheem Sterling penalty shout v Tottenham reveals important VAR misconception
08:00 Tuesday 4th February 2020

Before the fact, critics opposed to implementing Video-Assisted Review in the Premier League predicted the process would destroy the ‘fabric of the game’. While it’s difficult to argue that the time taken to review decisions…

Premier League
Will Boris Johnson's Brexit kill the Premier League?
15:00 Saturday 14th December 2019

Boris Johnson won the United Kingdom’s general election on Thursday by campaigning on a promise to “Get Brexit Done.” He achieved such a large majority that the former mayor of London can afford to take his time keeping the…

Premier League
Kevin de Bruyne health key to Manchester City's title defence
12:00 Monday 22nd April 2019

Manchester City’s back-to-back victories at the Etihad against Tottenham Hotspur left a bittersweet taste. Elimination from the Champions League quarterfinals in the first wasn't compensated by sending the Premier League title…

World Cup
World Cup Group D: Super Eagles fly unfriendly skies against La Albiceleste
12:30 Tuesday 26th June 2018

Four times the Super Eagles of Nigeria has faced Argentina in the World Cup group stage. Four times they’ve lost. Once beaten twice shy, they say, what can the Eagles say about four? Still, all is not lost. At least not yet.…

Capital One Cup
5 reasons Manchester City humiliated Arsenal at Wembley
08:30 Monday 26th February 2018

Manchester City has been phenomenal this season. Yet the Citizens have also failed spectacularly on some occasions. Most match days the Sky Blues sweep opponents aside but some results have been absolutely shocking. When a club is armed to…

Premier League
5 Premier League players to watch in FA Cup 5th Round
08:30 Saturday 17th February 2018

The Premier League's Match Day 27 was intense. Harry Kane ruled the North London Derby. Eden Hazard sent West Brom off to Barcelona in a troublesome state. Liverpool bullied its B-team, Southampton, Bobby Firmino and Mo Salah doing…

Champions League
Champions League draw: Manchester’s view
14:30 Monday 11th December 2017

If you asked Jose Mourinho which sides he would like to see their teams drawn against, I think the list is quite simple. The Portuguese would’ve said Porto, or Sevilla. Mourinho would’ve liked a homecoming; in fact, it was…

Are there actually any world class teams in English football?
13:15 Tuesday 7th March 2017

Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are undoubtedly the best clubs in the world, and a tier above the next best too. Some might argue that Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Dortmund and PSG are world class too, depending on where you draw the…