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Premier League
Gunners foolish to bully Arsenal Fan TV
08:00 Wednesday 15th August 2018

“Okay, the plane's coming in for a landing. Open the hangar doors.” Whether you were Mum, Dad, or just babysitting, you’d make the aeroplane noises as the spoon full of asparamush headed for Junior’s mouth.…

Premier League
Arsenal: A Club in transition, stuck in the past, or in crisis?
14:30 Wednesday 30th August 2017

Abysmal, weak-willed, unwatchable, disgraceful, no desire: these were just some of the terms used to describe Sunday's performance from Arsenal against Liverpool at Anfield.  Arsenal's showing was summarised by Robbie Lyle and most fans on…

Football Fans Are Mental
10:30 Thursday 9th February 2017

I'm going to tell you a story about myself that has nothing to do with football, per se. I'm going to tell it anyway, so I can then discuss this thing between Arsenal Fan TV and Gary Neville, or more importantly, the irrationality behind it.…