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12 Days of Football 2018: Nine Ladies Playing

Sunday 30th December 2018

On the 9th Day of Football, UEFA gave to me
Nine Ladies Playing,
Eight Managers Managing,
Seven Sides-a-Sinking,
Six Games Amazing,
Four Calls Blown,
Three French Clubs,
Two title races and
Pep Guardiola's Manchester City

Welcome to It's Round and It's White's second annual year-end extravaganza. As if you didn't have enough to do for 12 days with fixtures coming at you left and right, we're reviewing a unique aspect of the season each day. On the 9th Day, Kingsley Ukpai looks at some notable women who shone brightly in their craft in 2018. These gems deserve more attention from football fans than they're getting.

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Kingsley Ukpai

Kingsley is a football aficionado who craves to read, watch, play and write about the greatest team sport ever known to man. If you're talking football he'll be keen to listen to what you have to say. Loves to play Fantasy Football too.

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