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12 Days of Football 2019/20: Twelve dreamers dreaming

Wednesday 1st January 2020
Mauricio Pochettino lived the dream and a nightmare in 2019. He wasn't alone in either category.
Mauricio Pochettino lived the dream and a nightmare in 2019. He wasn't alone in either category.

On the eleventh day of football,
UEFA gave to me
Twelve dreamers dreaming,
Eleven keepers keeping,
Ten lads-a-leaping,
Nine ladies playing,
Eight managers managing,
Seven sides-a-sinking,
Six games amazing,
Five Golden Goals!
Four calls blown,
Three French clubs,
Two title races and 
Liverpool and Man City

Welcome to this year's edition of the 12 Days of Football on It's Round and It's White. Over the holiday fixtures, our writers will look back on the 2019 calendar year and ahead to the season's end in a series of 12 articles covering different issues and leagues in European football. In the final instalment, Mathew Markey tracks some of the more ambitious stars and projects from 2019. Enjoy.

When you think on it, football is all about dreaming. Whether you're a player or manager hoping to make your mark or a supporter desperate for a trophy, everyone is ambitious about the future. Even fantasy players imagine their squads producing 11 Man of the Match performances every time out. 

Some dreams came true in 2019. Others didn't. Even then, a few, such as Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti quickly dreamed anew. Here is a look at a dozen notable dreams realised, dashed, or embarked upon over the last calendar year.

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Mathew Markey

Mathew Markey. 20-Year-Old sports writer, journalism student, avid Liverpool FC fan, and Scouser. Previously contributed to several blogs and opinion sites primarily covering Football and Boxing.

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