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3 of the weirdest football stories of the week

Friday 16th September 2016
The world of football can be incredibly unusual. Matches can be called off for the most bizarre reasons and we have seen this numerous times over the last couple of years. The footballing world will hopefully never lose it weirdness and to celebrate it here are three footballing stories that we believe can be classed as relatively weird, that have happened over the last week!

Quaresma knocking people out

On Tuesday night, Besiktas were playing Benfica in both of the teams opening encounter in this season's UEFA Champions League. Besiktas' Ricardo Quaresma was running up the line and was ready to shoot for goal. Quaresma paused for a second in hope to put the defenders off, but unfortunately it wasn't to be this time. Instead, former Barcelona youngster, Alex Grimaldo, managed to get in the way and block the ball with none other than his head. The pace and force of the ball cleanly knocked Grimaldo out and he hit the ground viciously. Of course, Quaresma didn't mean to hit Grimaldo, however, the Benfica man had to be substituted.

The game ended 1-1, with Anderson Talisca scoring the leveller for Besiktas against his parent club. This came in the 93rd minute. Maybe, Quaresma tactically knocked out Grimaldo in hope Besiktas would score and equaliser ?!

Alexis Sanchez and Instagram:

Everyone knows Sanchez thanks to his fantastic footballing talent. However, there are a few things that people didn't know about him and that came to light over the past couple of weeks. Sanchez is a huge dog lover, and by huge we mean he dedicates an Instagram account just to post pictures of them.

The account has over 25,000 people following the adventures of his dogs and he regularly posts updates of his dog's new scarf or their whereabouts. The last post on the account was the dogs watching an advert they were involved in where Alexis was advertising dog food. Very cute. Who knew that one of the best players in the Premier League was actually a real softie.

If you want to follow the account it is “atomhumberoficia1” on Instagram. I'm sure that you will enjoy the thrilling content that is posted daily...


As a Liverpool fan, I am not the best when it comes to talking about Manchester United. But, today I'll make an exception. A Manchester United fan called Martin decided that it was too difficult to decide which new signing he should get on the back of his shirt. The decision was between Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For me, the decision would be an easy one. None of them. Yet, Martin couldn't decide, so horrifically decided to blend their names together on his shirt to make Pogbahimovic.  His new shirt didn't go down brilliantly and many Twitter uses decided to mimic his new idea. Nolitones was a personal favourite of mine. Nobody really knows if Martin has decided to use the shirt yet, but time will tell. To be honest, I cannot see Zlatan being too happy if he ever finds out.
Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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