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3 Premier League players who should leave their clubs for greener pastures

Tuesday 24th July 2018

Every footballer's top priority should be to win trophies for their team. Some fancy enjoying their game and scoring goals, however. That doesn't count. What's the use of scoring with no titles to show?

We like to think footballers are normal human like us because they fall in love with the badge on their chest. Then, they'll dedicate their best to make the club and fans happy. In truth, they are normal like us because they seek opportunities to live the best life they can for themselves and their families. That's why they leave fans heartbroken. Again, some fans like to think they'd put strangers needs and desires before their own because we all want our club's stars to act in our interest. If you're honest, though, you'd do exactly as they do. Yes. Yes, you would.

Here are three players who need to break their supporters' hearts.

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Kenzy Muller

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