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5 things Robert Snodgrass will bring to West Ham

Sunday 29th January 2017
You just can't be happier for Robert Snodgrass at the moment, after bearing the burden with faltering Hull for so long, he finally finds himself on a good team that will suit his style. So what will Snoddy bring to West Ham United?

Snodgrass had worked himself into the ground for Hull City this season, however, a new challenge beckons with the Hammers.
On Saturday, it was announced that Robert Snodgrass has completed the transfer from Hull City to West Ham United. The Scotsman arrives in London for an initial fee of £7 million but that fee could easily rise to £10.2 million depending on a few add-ons.

Robert Snodgrass' exit from Hull will land a massive blow to the Tigers' chances of avoiding relegation. In the 20 games he's played for Hull this season, Snodgrass was simply exceptional; he scored seven times and provided three assists while creating 45 scoring chances for his teammates – such is the sort of quality Hull will be missing.

Meanwhile, West Ham are gradually adjusting to life without Dimitri Payet. The Frenchman was an instrumental weapon in the Hammers' arsenal until he decided to leave the club out dry and push for a move to France (whether West Ham will let him go is still a subject shrouded in plenty of uncertainty). Signing Robert Snodgrass is almost certain to do Slaven Bilic's side a world of good.

What will Robert Snodgrass bring to West Ham? Below, I highlight five things the Scotsman will add to the West Ham squad. Comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.

1 – Creativity

Robert Snodgrass has consistently shown how well he can create – this is a quality that will come in very handy for West Ham as they continue life without Dimitri Payet.

Snodgrass (with that wicked left foot of his) will be West Ham's number one set-piece taker, producing the best crosses for the likes of Carroll to pounce on.

2 – Experience

Snodgrass is 29 years old and has played English football for over 11 years – this shows he's not a kid anymore neither is he new to the English game; the inference of this is that he will be a perfect fit for West Ham and would bring plenty of experience to that Hammers midfield.

The importance of having an experienced midfielder who is robust and has an eye for goal cannot be overemphasized – West Ham just acquired such an asset in Robert Snodgrass.

3 – Goals

Robert Snodgrass is one midfielder who can score goals. His seven Premier League goals for Hull are a testament to the fact that he's among a rare breed of British midfielders who have successfully added goals to their game.

Dimitri Payet has just two goals in 18 appearances for West Ham this season, although he scored nine times in 30 games last season and was named in the PFA team of the season – Snodgrass can definitely beat Payet's goal-scoring feats; the stats agree.

4 – Squad depth

We really have to see Snodgrass for what he basically is to West Ham at the moment – an additional pair of feet. Snodgrass will give Slaven Bilic a selection headache which every manager craves for.

Of course, you and I know the importance of having more players to choose from as the curtain falls on another Premier League season. This is exactly what Snodgrass will offer the Hammers in the coming weeks.

5 – A midfielder who can defend

One great quality possessed by Robert Snodgrass is his uncanny ability to track back and defend when his team is under pressure. He showed this when he was at Hull and I'm pretty sure he'll bring this to West Ham.

Agreed, he isn't shy of lunging in for a dirty tackle, but it's something we can say is a quality, considering the physical intensity required in today's game.
Kingsley Ukpai

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