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6 midfielders the Premier League will always remember

Tuesday 23rd August 2016
The English premier league is arguably the best league in the world, this has played a big role in attracting the best footballing talents to the league. Hundreds of incredibly talented midfielders have graced the premier league over the years. These are players who cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Here are six of such midfielders who will always be fondly remembered and missed in the premier league.

Roy Keane

I am of the strong opinion that Manchester United is yet to get a leader in midfield in the mode of Roy Keane. The midfielder was simply phenomenal during his time at Man United. Roy Keane led Manchester United in one of the most successful premier league eras for the club. He was captain as Manchester United won the premier league 7 times, the FA cup four times and also led the team to the UEFA Champions League triumph against Bayern Munich, on their way to the treble in 1999.

The controversy both on and off the pitch, surrounding the man, makes him an interesting character. This is a man who made premier league weekends interesting and hence gets his place in the history books.

Patrick Vieira

Coming on to the premier league in 1996, the French midfielder rose to become a household name at Arsenal. He is notable for being one of the key members and leader of Arsene Wenger's invincible squad of 2002. Patrick Vieira is an all action midfielder, known for his versatility in midfield, forward passes, and hard tackling. Patrick Vieira absolutely redefined central midfield play in the premier league.

In 2005 Vieira left England for Italy having already left an indelible mark. He would return to England 5 years later to finish his illustrious career with Manchester City.

Frank Lampard

‘Super' Frank Lampard needs little or no introduction. Lampard is the best midfielder ever to play in England (My opinion). The Englishman is generally known to be a prolific goal-scorer. He is Chelsea's record top scorer with 211 goals in all.

It remains a fact that Frank Lampard is the only English player to have scored in every stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Paul Scholes

When it comes to aggressive and incisive play combined with accurate passing and pinpoint shooting, very few did it as good as Paul Scholes. The midfielder was simply outstanding for Manchester United, where he made a record 718 appearances. Scholes was a real gift to Man United and proved this on many occasions with his performance on the pitch.

The rarity of his breed will make Paul Scholes one midfielder who the premier league will always remember fondly.

Steven Gerrard

A ‘Red' to the bone; Stephen Gerrard is regarded as a Liverpool legend, and we all know why. For 17 years Gerrard gave his all to Liverpool, in that time he established himself as one of the best midfielders in the premier league. Gerrard led Liverpool to many nights of ecstasy and triumph, but sadly he could not commandeer the premier league title for the Reds. Steven Gerrard's accolades and achievement for Liverpool is there for all to see. This is one midfielder who the premier league cannot forget in a hurry.

Claude Makelele

Claude Makelele came into England in 2003 and he absolutely redefined the holding midfield role. The Frenchman did the job of two every time he played for Chelsea. The premier league was greeted with a tireless worker who did his job to the ultimate perfection. Yes, he wasn't much of a goal-scorer, he notched only two during his five-year stay in England; but listen carefully when the big commentators such as Martin Tyler or Jon Champion describe the best defensive midfielders ever to grace the premiership, the name 'Claude Makélélé' definitely pops up.
Kingsley Ukpai

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