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6 Signs you're a football addict

Sunday 16th July 2017
We all love our football and we always express our opinions whether it's through social media or face to face. When discussions get heated it all comes down to a passion for the game. There can be many signs that show how we love football so much. Here are some signs on how you are probably a football addict.

Small Talk

Have you ever gone to a family members house or seen one of your best mates and spoken about the beautiful game for at least half an hour? Course you have, that's why you're reading this, right? You can't have a conversation without saying "did you hear about the score?" or "did you hear who so and so signed?". Before you know it the time has flown by. You're mind has travelled to the football universe and you've forgotten that you'd only just travelled for a brief gathering.

Football Video Games

We have all at some point owned a football video game. Whether you play FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, football games have been popular for many years. With a simulation of our own football teams, we can create our own stories through career mode or Master League. Want to sign Ronaldo for Oxford United? Sure, nobody is stopping you. That's if you can do well enough to get to the Premier League and earn enough money. You can also play with legends of the past in game as well.
Football games are a fantasy of what we would like to see and visualise how crazy a game can get. Even if it does make you laugh a little when you've taken a League Two side into the Premier League and gone on to win the Champions League. The whole purpose of these video games is to create a fun environment for you to enjoy.

Checking Scores and Highlights

When you are on the go whether it being a Saturday afternoon or Tuesday night as a football fan you will know there will be a game on at least. With today's technologies, it is now possible to check at your fingertips any game that is currently being played through your smartphone. With a few touches on your screen, you could be viewing a League Cup game that's just gone into penalties or that a player has just scored an 89th-minute winner. You know you're addicted to football when you're literally checking every single game that's being played.


Some of us like to bet on random games or both teams to score. The more popular betting type is accumulators. Obviously, the more games added increases you're winning return but also decreases your chance of winning. It's become the norm that some of us will bet on games just to make some of the scores more interesting. Making a big fuss that one of your teams in Scotland has just taken the lead is a great example for a little bit of fun. Although don't let betting get the best of you. Careless betting isn't healthy but spending a few pounds here and there from time to time doesn't hurt.

Watching the Game on TV

The big derby is up next on TV and you have everything in place. Drink in hand and a free room to watch the game. There is nothing better on a weekend to watch all the games that you possibly can. Even if it isn't involving teams you're not that bothered about. Who cares. It's another game of football to watch. The television is a great asset to have if you wanted to just relax in your home and watch certain games.

Away Games

You will travel far and wide to see your beloved football team play. Even if it means travelling to the other side of the country or even in Europe if you're lucky enough. If there is a good away crowd you can really enjoy yourself and that is a great sign to show how addicted you are to football.

You know you're a football addict when you can relate to all these points.

Even if you are an football addict it's not a problem. There are millions of us and it is perfectly normal.
Jamie Kynaston

For my sins, I'm a season ticket holder at Stoke City, I have been proud to watch them for over 20 years. I follow most of the UK leagues and the major European ones too, and I've been told that I talk way too much about football.

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