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A Bin Bag Protest At The Emirates. Are Arsenal That Rubbish?

Saturday 4th February 2012
I never thought that any protest of any significance would be held at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger but since the Manchester United game I sadly questioned his judgement as Arsenal manager. To this day I still can't understand the decision to sub Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was by far the best Arsenal player on the pitch for Andrey Arshavin. The defensive display at Swansea was atrocious to say the least and we lacked any self belief, composure in attack to score against Bolton. I believe if we lose ground this weekend Arsenal can say goodbye to Champions League football and possibly, even reluctantly goodbye to Wenger who could ruin his legacy as the legend he is.

We are over reliant on Robin van Persie who has scored 25 goals this season in all competitions nearly outscoring the whole team who have mustered 33 goals between them. We have used a staggering 38 players already this season. We must beat Blackburn at home as all the other teams around us have much tougher games. I was impressed with the teams recovery from 17th to 4th in a few months after a disasterous start to the season. But now the Gunners have slumped back down to 7th in the League and have failed to win a Premier League game this year. In my opinion this shows that our current squad is not good enough for the top 4.
That's what frustrates Arsenal fans the most. Wenger has had the option to spend and has refused to do so, he follows this dream philosophy of total football and refuses to buy even when there is some money to be splashed out. Although I appreciate what he is trying to do immensely the last 7 years prove that it no longer works. Big spenders such as Chelsea and Man City will always be able to finish higher than a club which lacks versatility in the tranfer market. We had no fit full backs at Swansea and at home to Man Utd and it costs us 6 points that would put us 4th but instead we are hovering in 7th because Arsene didn't get someone in for emergency cover. That baffles every Arsenal fan, why not bring in a full back when you have none for 2 big matches during a transfer window? It makes no sense.

That makes me sceptical about Arsene's knowledge and adaptibility about the modern game. Money rules the roost the Gunners are being out gunned and Arsene really needs to alter his transfer policy and possibly his philosophy for Arsenal to compete again with the very best. I don't know how long the Frenchman has left at the club but if we don't see a change in fortunes and more crucially results then more setbacks and frustrations will unearth. It's time to step up.
Calum McClurkin

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