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A Look Into Carlos Tevez' Manchester City Career.

Tuesday 24th January 2012
It all seemed far too good to be true. Manchester City, the ‘noisy neighbours' had just bought Carlos Tevez, one of the best footballers on the planet, and were looking like genuinely making a severe impact in the footballing world. What made it all the more sweeter was that he was purchased from rivals Manchester United. And then that poster was put up.

Looking back on it, I can't help but remember the excitement that was then buzzing around the club, let alone the fans. The fact that this ‘superstar' was now going to be pushing us towards that coveted top-four place and a crack at Europe's elite. Ok, it didn't happen right away, but last season he almost single-handedly led us to our highest league finish ever, 3rd place on the same points as Chelsea - or joint second, as we like to call – and a place in the ‘promised land', the Champions League.

Now even though he had a few problems with contracts and so on, it was near enough impossible to think of the little Argentine as a man who would no longer be needed by the club. When Mark Hughes first signed him, the whole talk was of how Alex Ferguson was missing out on a top-class striker, and how he was daft to let him leave. Oh, how the tables have turned.

I tried not to get carried away in the frenzy of him joining, but there was always something that seemed a little odd. Why would Ferguson let him leave, if he was really that good? Being a City fan, I hate to admit it, but Ferguson saw something way before anyone else. He knew Carlos Tevez was, quite frankly, a pain to deal with and a bit of a prima-dona. He cashed in on what was effectively a time-bomb waiting to go off. It didn't happen in the first season he spent at City, but things started to unravel in his second.

In December 2010, he handed in a transfer request citing family reasons as to why he wanted to leave. Not long after that, he withdrew it and claimed he was happy in Manchester. He then went on to score his 50th goal in 73 games. Quite an impressive record. He missed the FA Cup semi-final win over United but returned to captain the side and claim City's first major trophy in 34 years. But all did not seem well.
Stripped of the captaincy in favour of Vincent Kompany, Tevez then told Argentina media he wouldn't even return to Manchester on a vacation. Since the start of this season, it has all gone down-hill, not least in the incident that occurred in Munich. Tevez reportedly refused to come off the bench in City's 2-0 defeat at Bayern Munich and has not played for the club since. He then went AWOL in Argentina.

To me, this all seems it's because he cannot get his own way. It's like a child who doesn't get what they want, so the go in a strop. Albeit, this is one mighty strop, and something the club will not put up with. I, for one, was prepared to forgive Tevez for his actions - everyone like to see top players playing well for your club – and I had hoped that he'd return.

It now seems that he will shortly be on his way to either AC Milan (if he had it his way, despite being further away from Buenos Aires than Manchester is) or Paris Saint-Germain. As bad as I feel knowing Ferguson was right all along, it's even more painful to know that a professional footballer can act this way. He is paid an astronomical amount of money to play the sport he loves, yet he acts like a spoilt brat when he can't have his own way. I think the majority of City fans will be glad when this is all over.

Besides, we have Sergio Aguero now. Every cloud has a silver lining.
Nick Broadhurst

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