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Ally McCoist & Neil Lennon - The Difference

By Billy
Saturday 15th October 2011
Two relatively in-experienced managers, each in charge of a club where coming first is everything and coming second is nothing...Well, it usually is.

How will they cope in the Old Firm goldfish bowl?

How will they get the best out of their players?

If one thing is clear, it is not by continually slating your players.

Indeed, managers will give their players criticism, but more often than not it will be done behind closed doors, away from the watchful eye of the Scottish media.

Which is why the comments made by Neil Lennon about his Greek striker, Georgios Samaras, surprised me.

"He is a player who could ultimately get me the sack", Lennon told the clubs annual general meeting.

Samaras, the whipping boy of the Parkhead faithful in recent seasons, will surely not be inspired by these wise words from his manager.

Surely, showing a bit of confidence and faith in his striker would of been better.

On the other side of the coin, we have USA international Maurice Edu.

The Rangers midfielder, to put it mildly, had a poor season in 2010/2011 and was on the receiving end of criticism from the Rangers support.

He didn't start this season too hot either, and was still at the centre of criticism.

So what does Ally McCoist do?

He backs his player. Continually praises the midfielder, commenting that he was man of the match in several games where there was other candidates for that award.

Of course, football is all about opinions and that may well have been Ally's truthful view of his performances.

However, whether or not he genuinely thought Edu was man of the match in these games matters not. The point is, Ally backed him and showed confidence and faith in his player.

The end result for Edu and Samaras?

Well, Samaras has failed to score this season and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to the comments made by his manager.

In Edu however, we have seen much improved performances from him. He is playing with confidence and starting to look like a footballer again. And while he will always have his doubters, the majority of fans are also recognising and appreciating that his form is returning.

It is still early days in both Ally McCoist's and Neil Lennon's managerial careers, and they will still be learning every day.

Yet Ally has, in my opinion, shown that has good man management skills. Something he may have learned from a certain Walter Smith.

And Neil Lennon?

He is finding out that there is more to management than just picking the team. And so far, his methods of man management don't appear to be working.

At Ibrox I imagine a happy yet focused dressing room.

At Parkhead, I may ask, what dressing room?

Happy dressing room = 1st place 10 points clear

Un-happy dressing room = 3rd place 10 points behind.

There is your difference.

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