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Analysing Donnarumma's New Contract

Wednesday 5th July 2017
Gianluigi Donnarumma just earned himself a €6 million salary with AC Milan. Was it a good deal for both parties? Can Donnarumma live up to his price tag? Let's look at the specifics.

Mega Salary

With this new contract, Donnarumma will become the world's third highest paid goalkeeper. That shouldn't be taken lightly considering Gigio is just 18. After the teenager played this whole contract drama out to the extreme, Milan upped their offer by a million euros, causing controversy among many Milan fans. If he was willing to cause such a mess, why did Milan go to the trouble to give him more money? There's a simple explanation: they have competition.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Donnarumma received a €13 million/year offer from Paris Saint-Germain, whose owners are known for their willingness to splurge. Whether that figure was invented by the young player's agent, Mino Raiola, as a ploy to get Donnarumma back into fans' hearts, there's no doubt PSG was certainly willing to pay a much larger sum to the teenager than the Rossoneri. After all, he'll keep you covered between the sticks for the next 15 years at the very least.

Release Clauses

There have been two release clauses inserted into the deal. Both concern Milan's qualification for the Champions League next season.

  1. If Milan does not qualify for the 18/19 Champions League, the clause will be set at €50 million.

  2. If Milan do qualify for the 18/19 Champions League, the clause will be set at €100 million.

Either way, Milan is set to receive a huge sum should Donnarumma decide to part with the Rossoneri. The €50 million clause alone almost matches Gianluigi Buffon's €52 million move from Parma to Juventus, the transfer record for a goalkeeper.

Add to that Milan's sudden splurge for additional talent, thanks to new Chinese ownership, and UEFA's inclusion of four Serie A teams into the CL next season, and the Rossoneri should be able to qualify, theoretically activating the second clause. It's highly unlikely any club would be willing to pay €100 million for a keeper, although more possibilities open for Milan. With the proceeds from a Donnarumma transfer, they would be able to acquire another solid keeper and a star signing.

These release clauses benefit both parties. Yet to be seen is how Raiola will be able to handle a potential transfer.

Family Relations

Last and perhaps most concerning, is Milan signing Gigio's brother, Antonio, as part of the deal. Milan already has five keepers. An extra €1 million added to the payroll annually is no small amount, especially for a player who competes in the Greek Super League. However, Milan has done this in the past, most notably with Kaka's brother, Digao.

Milan will collectively pay the Donnarumma family a total of €7 million/year, an expense that will cost the club €14 million/year after accounting for taxes the Rossoneri are obligated to cover. The inclusion of Antonio certainly hasn't been welcomed by the fans, but if it's what has to be done to keep Donnarumma or at least get more money for his eventual transfer, then it's worth it.


Donnarumma's new contract is complicated. In my opinion, though, it benefits both parties. Gigio will stay at his childhood club, along with his brother. He'll see a massive increase in his salary. Milan won't have to look for a new keeper, at least for this year. Beyond that, they'll either keep arguably the world's best young netminder or receive a huge sum for his transfer. The contract isn't everything Milan wanted, but welcome to the realities of modern football business.

The big question is whether Donnarumma stays for the duration or leaves for a bigger, better club, perhaps Real Madrid? Who knows? Watch this space.
Luca D'Amico-Wong
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