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Why Arsène Wenger should be allowed to push anybody he likes

Tuesday 24th January 2017
For those who are in disbelief like me, yes, the FA have actually charged Arsène Wenger with misconduct following his actions on Sunday. It appears that Wenger gently shoved the fourth  official Anthony Taylor after being sent to the stands by John Moss.

Now the FA have ridiculously responded by officially charging the Frenchman, Wenger has until 6pm on Thursday to respond.
For the FA to charge Sir Arsène Wenger with misconduct for what happened on Sunday, is nothing short of a disgrace. This is perhaps the biggest tragedy to occur in English football since the non-awarding of Frank Lampard's goal in the 2010 World Cup. For someone who has single-handedly changed the face of English football forever, he shouldn't be having his time wasted by the FA. Arsène Wenger is quite frankly above the FA in this country and should be immune from their irrelevant rulings.

The ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the FA never ceases to amaze me. Instead of the FA focusing on the poor standard of officiating in England today, they have instead decided to focus on the passion shown by a manager. The same manager that put their little English league on the map.
This whole thing is just a shambles on every level. First of all, did the FA ever consider that Wenger wouldn't be so animated if the referee  John Moss had just done his job properly in the first place. Two, it's unjustified to send a manager off just because he called out your WRONG decision. And three, don't get in the way of Arsène Wenger when he's trying to lead his side to a title charge.

Listen, If Arsène Wenger wants to stand in the tunnel of HIS stadium he should be allowed to. The guy literally built the Emirates Stadium himself, how dare you as a guest try & send the boss out of his own house. And then be surprised when he reacts aggressively? If I were Anthony Taylor in that situation, I would have taken a step back and apologised to Arsène for my shoulder getting in the way of his hand.
I for one am happy the boss showed some passion for the first time in a while. Many perceive Wenger as the quiet professor that's not capable of touchline antics like Conte or Klopp. But lest we forget, this is not the first time Arsène Mayweather has boxed up people on the touchline. Jose Mourinho, Alan Pardew & Martin Jol have all fallen victim to the swift hands of Arsène over the years. He may look old and frail in stature but his hands move quicker than the feet of Theo Walcott.
All comedy aside, Arsène Wenger is one of the greatest, most revered and loved managers to ever grace the game of football. He has revolutionised the way we view football in England today, from the dietary routines of players to the length of grass on football pitches. Everything at Arsenal football club is fine-tuned to the liking of Arsène Wenger and sets the benchmark for clubs worldwide. He is a modern day Picasso creating majestic pieces of work every single weekend, pieces of work that will be admired for decades to come.
For Arsenal fans, Wenger's outburst will be encouraging. As the Gunners gear up for an earth-shattering contest with Chelsea in two weeks time. To win they'll need their leader to be punching on all fronts.

For those of you that missed the incident, here it is in all its "glory"
Mathaeus Abuwa

Arsenal fan with ample amounts of passion for both Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid. I'm one of those bandwagonist hipster fans that will claim to know everything about football, but only watches the El Clasico outside of the Premier League. Forgive me, I'm trying. Oh yeah, #WengerOut. 

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