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Why Arsène Wenger deserves a new contract.

Thursday 9th March 2017
Will he or won't he sign, that's the question that will be on the mouths of every Arsenal fan from now until May. Arsène Wenger's contract saga is a soap opera that's set to run into the sunset with the whole world eagerly watching.

The general consensus seems to be that the Frenchman has outstayed his welcome and reached his expiry date. However, I'm here to argue why Arsenal's greatest ever manager deserves to stay for one more year.

We should celebrate Longevity

In an age where the average manager's lifespan is only six months, we as football fans should be embracing Arsène Wenger as the last of his kind. Never again in football will we see a man that has not only shaped a club through his philosophy but moulded it with his identity. Arsène Wenger, whether you like it or not, embodies and personifies Arsenal football club. Why are we as supporters so anxious to see the end of one of the last few great sights in football.......Arsène Wenger in the dugout of the stadium he built. There was Sir Alex Ferguson now there is Lord Arsène Wenger. If anyone on the planet ever deserved to finish what he initially started, it's Le Prof.

Let's never ever forget that Arsène Wenger is not only a manager, he's a CEO, sporting director and a business executive. If he was to leave it wouldn't only destabilise the coaching side of things, it'd completely re-shake the core of the club. Transfers would happen in a different way, business plans would have to be redrawn and training methods would have to make a u-turn. It's easy to say 'Wenger Out' when you don't fully grasp the gravity of the situation and momentous consequences that could come with it.

The players want him to stay

It's no secret that Arsène Wenger has always been a facilitator rather a creator when it pertains to squad building. He's notorious for telling players to 'play their game' instead of pragmatically restricting their freedom on the pitch. He puts his faith in the players to deliver to the best of their ability on the pitch through their own intuition rather than his.

That's why players love him and adore him as a father figure because he believes in them and trusts them. No wonder Mesut Özil can come out in interviews and say his future depends on the boss's because he gives him a certain type of freedom on the pitch. Players love his facilitative approach to tactics. That's why at any given opportunity, players voice their appreciation for the Frenchman rather than apparent disdain.

He's still capable of greatness:

I know it's hard to picture this at the moment, but any man who created a team like the Invincibles is capable of doing it again. In case you've forgotten, let's list the great accomplishments of Arsène Wenger, he's a man that's:

  • never finished outside the top four teams in England

  • won the FA Cup more times than any other manager

  • won the Premier League three times

  • gone through an entire season unbeaten.

How can you doubt a man that has achieved so much for the club? No man who's done so much should have his ability questioned to such distasteful lengths. He's done all this before, so let's give him time to replicate such amazing feats.

Mathaeus Abuwa

Arsenal fan with ample amounts of passion for both Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid. I'm one of those bandwagonist hipster fans that will claim to know everything about football, but only watches the El Clasico outside of the Premier League. Forgive me, I'm trying. Oh yeah, #WengerOut. 

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