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Book Review: How the Klopp ticks: An unofficial biography of Jurgen Klopp

Wednesday 10th August 2016
Jurgen Klopp has been in our faces for more than a decade now. The antecedents of the man have so far been unprecedented. Within the past few years, Klopp's successes as a football manager have been on a geometric rise. How the Klopp ticks is a book that tells us more about the life and times of a man who lives and breathes football.

Title: How the Klopp ticks: An unofficial biography of Jurgen Klopp

Author : Lee Price - @Lee_Price

Publisher : Oakamoor Publishing

Publication year : 2015

Price : £2.49 (kindle edition)

Football author, Lee Price, writes a captivating story of the life and rise to eminence of Jurgen Klopp. The book begins by introducing Jurgen Klopp as ‘a happy man' as he sits down for his first press conference as Liverpool manager. The reader is tempted to read more to understand the life of the man and what actually makes the man unique.

Lee Price further introduces the reader to the early life of Jurgen Klopp, his parental upbringing and his days as a footballer. From the struggles, he experienced in his early days to his first big break into the footballing sphere, this book tells an interesting story of how Jurgen Klopp caught his football addiction.

Football fans, especially fans of Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool should endeavor to read this book so as to know more about a man who have put smiles and tears of joy on their faces over the years.

Price tells us a fascinating story of a man who lives and breathes football. The book makes an easy read, due to its grammatical structure and the easy to comprehend illustrations employed by the author.

Furthermore, this book takes us into the early days of Jurgen Klopp as a manager for Mainz. The book talks about the methods employed by Klopp as a young inexperienced manager and how he refined these methods into becoming tactical masterstrokes that brought him the success he enjoyed at Mainz.

Klopp's success at Mainz will earn him the managerial job at Dortmund in 2008, the author gives an interesting account of Jurgen Klopp as Dortmund's manager, his success, challenges and eventual exit from Westfalenstadion.

This book also gives an account of Jurgen Klopp taking over the reins at Liverpool. The reader is then schooled on Klopp's self-developed style named ‘Gegenpressen' by the man himself. This is another tactical masterstroke that was executed to perfection at Dortmund.

The complete personality of Jurgen Klopp and what makes the man outstanding has been bottled by Lee Price into this interesting book.

This book is littered with a lot of interesting quotes from Jurgen Klopp which highlights the radical and interesting character of the man.

Lee Price manages to keep every chapter of this book interesting and easy to comprehend. We are made to see how deep Jurgen Klopp's love for football goes and how he chisels his work into providing unending entertainment for the fans.

If you love football, if you want to understand the Gegenpressen, if you want to know all about one of the best managers in the game of football then you should definitely pick up the book 'How the Klopp ticks'. It's simply fascinating.
Kingsley Ukpai

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