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Bournemouth's Tyrone Mings' five-game ban is a disgrace!

Friday 10th March 2017
The FA have slapped a FIVE-game ban on Tyrone Mings after the incident with Zlatan Ibrahimovic last weekend, as replays showed the lanky defender catches the Manchester United striker in the head as he hurdled over him to back and defend. 

The FA, based on video evidence, have decided that this coming together was an intentional stamp by the Bournemouth defender and that have therefore handed the player a retrospective ban. Not only that, but the ban issued is longer than the standard three games as the FA claim this would be "clearly insufficient" given the incident. This is an absolute disgrace!
First of all, if you look at the incident there is no proof whatsoever that Tyrone Mings has intentionally 'stamped' on Ibrahimovic. His foot never comes out of a natural movement of jumping over the player in a downward fashion to intentionally make contact. ZERO evidence for this. We all know what a stamp looks like and it isn't what Mings does. Second, Mings himself categorically denies any wrong doing, which you may expect him to say, but seeing as he has, you have to take his word for it because only HE knows whether he meant to hurt Zlatan or not.
No panel can decide otherwise based on the video. Any thoughts you have on it is purely opinion. In my opinion, Mings isn't looking at Zlatan when he makes contact, his focus is completely at getting back and defending his goal. Eddie Howe, his manager, feels the same and is disgusted at the ruling.
So for the FA to rule that Mings intentionally stamped on Ibrahimovic, without any doubt, and then also give him a more lengthy ban then the standard procedure is beyond unacceptable. If you also throw the fact that in retaliation to being caught by Mings, Ibrahimovic undoubtedly elbowed him immediately after the incident as hard as he could directly in the face. Zlatan has claimed his innocence, which again you may expect him to do, but there can be no question of his intentions to hurt Mings. Yet Zlatan only gets a 3-game ban?! How is that possible?

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What Ibrahimovic did could be charged for GBH if he did it on the street or anywhere outside a football game. He struck a fellow human being in the face with his elbow which is extremely dangerous, gets a 3 game ban. Whereas Mings catches a player in the head with his boot as he hurdles over him, gets a 5 game ban. What an absolute joke.
What this ban does for Bournemouth now is leaves them drastically short of defensive options for their season-defining set of fixtures coming up. Simon Francis is struggling with an injury and has missed the club's last few games so if he were to miss out again, I count them only having one fit defender with Premier League experience at playing centre back in Steve Cook.

They may try and shoe horn full backs Charlie Daniels or Adam Smith in alongside him and with Andy Carroll potentially arriving at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday. Then the week after, red-hot Llorente with Swansea is the next fixture. They could be left with significantly less points then they would have had with Mings in the team.  The FA should be completely ashamed of themselves.
Ginger Pirlo
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