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Brexit could have a massive impact on the Premier League

Friday 24th June 2016
Yesterday, the Great British public voted on one of the biggest decisions in the history of our great nation, as a vote was cast to remain or leave the European Union. As we all know by now, leave scraped a marginal victory, and although the state of the country is the bigger picture, it could impact the beautiful game.
The Premier League prides itself on the ability to play host to the best footballers on the planet regardless of their backgrounds and where they come from. That has been the main selling point of the English game over the last few decades, but it could all be about to change when Great Britain decides to break off from the European Union.

It would cause massive concerns for the wellbeing of several players who are currently plying their trade in the country, with the likes of Anthony Martial, Kurt Zouma, Hector Bellerin and N'Golo Kante becoming at risk of losing their work permits over here – and that's just to name a few. Reports say that two-thirds of the Premier League players could suffer from that same fate, which must be extremely discouraging for the organisation as a whole.

A supply line to the best youngsters on the planet would immediately be cut. At this point in time, British clubs are allowed to sign under eighteen-year-olds from other clubs as we are a part of the EU, but that will not be the case in a couple of years time when the country officially part ways.

The struggles of Premier League clubs landing the top calibre players has already become evident just hours after the public voted to leave. West Ham FC are reportedly in talks to sign Marseille striker Michy Batshuayi, believed to be in the region of £28million – but that will change all the time due to the fluctuating rate of the Great British Pound.

Although a lot of transfers will still have the ability to go through despite not being in the EU, they will take up much more time to process. This is down to the fact that the players would now have to apply for visas, and there is much more of a chance of those getting rejected under the new regime.

There is also somewhat of a grey area surrounding free ‘bosman' signings. At this point in time, bringing in players on a free transfer is a European ruling. This means that if Britain's decision to leave the EU does go through, this could change and the top clubs may not be able to make free signings – similar to the one that Manchester United are on the verge of completing in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Alongside this, it could provide England with a much-needed push to produce homegrown talents. There has been a massive demand for the country to give more opportunities to English players, and the decision of the clubs could be forced upon them by this huge news.

Will an exit from the European Union have a massive impact on football? Almost certainly, but we'll have to wait and see just how severely things change.
Jordan Street

Jordan Street, 25-year old sports writer. Avid Manchester United fan and season ticket holder. Lover of the Premier League. Enjoys American sports. Tom Brady's biggest admirer, Kyrie Irving for MVP.

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