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What can an ageing Michael Carrick bring to the Arsenal side?

Tuesday 7th February 2017
Arsene Wenger has ignited the internet with his talks on signing the player once his contract is up. The rumours circulating have suggested that the manager wants to add Carrick's experience to the fold; adding the missing link needed to compliment an Arsenal side that rarely sees the Premier League title. Michael could help them on that journey - but his stamina, pace and movement are already dwindling. Jose has spotted it and is right to replace it.

I admire Jose's respect for the ageing Carrick, and their mutual understanding,

  "We have a good understanding. We know when he can play. We know when he is ready and when he needs a rest." Jose Mourinho said a couple of months ago.

Michael is no Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane or Paul Scholes, and standing the test of time like these retired legends would be harder to prove under the attentive eyes of Jose Mourinho. The self-proclaimed Special One wants to revamp his squad, and old failing legs like Carrick will no longer be of use to him.

Arsene wants to capitalise on this misconception placed by Mourinho and bag-a-Carrick in his squad. To bag-a-Carrick would mean to get what once was. The misconception I mentioned is only from Arsene, and not from me. I never saw Carrick as a standout player. He plays well, yes. He does his duty, yes - and when called upon he can be used in an emergency defensive role.

Carrick's most prominent year was 2012/2013 where he won the Players Player of The Year. His teammates excelled with his presence as he worked the defence, intercepted tackles and openings, and although he had won the title countless times with Manchester United, this time he had become a figure that could not be ignored. With Sir Alex Ferguson's departure, Carrick still kept his position and slugged it out with a lacklustre Red Devils under Moyes' reign.

Arsene can have the guaranteed satisfaction that Carrick will slug it out. He's lifted the title, his team-mates, and himself through challenges on and off the field. His midfield style isn't flamboyant or loud; more a quiet dictator who now lacks the natural fitness that he once had, but will supply to those who can work with him.

Should Arsene gamble with age? Why not. He is a leader, and many choose to follow his instructions. The only real question is, "will Carrick depart to Arsenal when their rivalry with Manchester United is so fierce?"

The possibility of Carrick playing for Arsenal is like throwing the lamb to the slaughter. The one's who would be giving it out is the Manchester United fans; or maybe not. Maybe the Arsenal fans will reject Arsene's judgment, maybe, being a big question on a lot of minds. Carrick is a devoted veteran for the side, and I'm sure he will be sad to leave - wherever he may end up going.
Christine Reynolds
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