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Cardiff City need to stay positive despite poor start

Friday 12th October 2018

It may not be a surprise to see Cardiff City struggling in the Premier League, but only eight games have been played. Five straight defeats mean realisation is starting to settle in. Only two points are totalled from attempted performances - but we cannot write them off just yet.

Weirdly enough, the only points to be received by Cardiff were against teams down a man. These games were both 0-0 against Huddersfield Town and Newcastle United; the two opponents just above them in the table. The recent losses were against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Burnley and Tottenham Hotspur. Understandable against the so-called bigger sides but to miss out on points from lesser rated teams are huge opportunities missed.

The Bluebirds hold the joint-worst attack with just four goals scored. They also possess the second-worst defence with 17 conceded. Manager Neil Warnock will feel hard done by but he knows there is much to work on. Some will point out the lack of incoming transfers during the summer window. Although spending £28million it was seen as a comparison to the other sides that were recently promoted from the Championship. Fulham spent £98million while Wolverhampton Wanderers splashed out £66million worth of new signings.

Many knew Cardiff may possibly struggle but to already be three points inside relegation zone right now is a warning. If the form isn't picked up anytime soon, the table could look quite drastic by the year's end. Failing to do so, the January transfer window is a perfect opportunity to capitalise. The fans know it is a plan B and Neil Warnock should take advantage even if they aren't struggling by then.

The only problem Warnock faces is if he gets sacked sooner rather than later... His recent comments over the Joe Ralls red card sparked controversy as well as his opinion on Harry Kane. Cardiff is a club aiming for big things. But with a character like their manager, results must back up the talk. A manager's comments shouldn't affect players performances on the pitch, but it can. Depending on the mood, player's can react in all sorts of ways. And negativity is not something a newly-promoted club needs.

There is a chance to turn things around for the Welsh side and there are a few winnable fixtures coming up. Fulham FC, mid-table sides; Leicester City, Brighton & Hove Albion and Everton FC are also potential matches to pick up points.

Both ends of the pitch need working on. Sol Bamba, Danny Ward, Victor Camarasa and Josh Murphy have all scored one goal each. After eight games they are joint top scorers at the club this season. This is a prime example of where the squad is lacking.

Let's take, for example, the Burnley game. Cardiff had 19 shots in total compared to Burnley's three attempts. Sean Dyche's side scored two goals from those three attempts. Cardiff managed just five shots on target with one ending in the back of the net. To be more clinical is an understatement. The boss is all talk but failing to produce could be a huge catalyst. If they beat Fulham in their next fixture it could cause some positive momentum. One or two wins can easily change how the Premier League table looks.

We haven't seen the real Cardiff City that impressed during the Championship last season. Once they find their rhythm many neutrals will be raising their eyebrows at what they are really made of.

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