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Confessions of a Fantasy Football Addict

Monday 26th December 2016
It's a game that is played and enjoyed by millions of fans around the world, but it gets very little coverage in the press, we are of course talking about fantasy football.

My name is Jonathan and I'm an addict. It just so happens that my drug of choice is not Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling or hard drugs. My addiction is to Fantasy Football. More specifically to Fantasy Premier League, the official game of the Premier League, referred to as FPL from now on. Like most addicts I told myself that I could quit anytime I wanted to. Last May I swore blind to anyone who would listen that I was done with it, I wasn't playing again. They all just laughed. Sure enough, come July, there I was, looking at player prices and deciding who was the must-have bargain.

I am sure that I am not alone in playing fantasy football, be it FPL, SKY, or a game from on the national newspapers.  What perhaps does mark me out is the effect it has on me, both in the way I actually watch football, and on my overall mood.

Have you ever walked into a pub and seen a football match on, had a quick glance at the score and thought nothing else of it? Not me. If someone has scored, the first though in my head is who. Do I own that player? If not, then I must know who got the assist. I mean seriously can you imagine walking up to someone in a pub and asking them “Sorry, who got the assist?” This is what Fantasy Football has done. It's no longer about watching football for enjoyment, I just want to see my players. Take the recent West Brom v Burnley match on a Monday night. Unless you support one of those two teams, what possible reason could you have for watching that game? The answer; Fantasy Football.

Can you imagine cheering on the star striker from your main rivals, or biting your nails for the last five minutes of their games (or anyone's game) hoping, praying they can hang on to that Clean Sheet? No? Well, then you're not like me, you might play Fantasy Football, but you're not an addict.

I'm sure there's been times when all of us have perhaps skipped Match of the Day because our team lost, or didn't play well, but have you ever skipped it because a player the person you are competing against in a mini league scored a hat trick, or because that player you nearly bought but didn't was the one who did? No? Yet again, you play Fantasy Football, but you're not an addict.

We all have things that affect our mood. A good or bad day at work, a row with a family member, someone making us laugh or cry. But me? My mood, in fact, at times my entire weekend, can be dependant entirely on the performance of my FPL team. If my captain hasn't scored or someone else scored more points, I had someone sent off, no clean sheets, no goals; any combination of these. These are the things that affect my mood on a Saturday or Sunday night, sometimes even a Monday night. A good score and I am happy, a bad one and I'm scowling for the rest of the weekend

So, there you have it. This is my confession. I am sure I am not alone. Fantasy Football has taken over my football watching. Bar watching my own Manchester United, and even that is torture if I happen to have put someone in my FPL team, my football viewing has become almost entirely based around FPL, but I can quit anytime I want to, honestly.
Jonathan Kahn

I love the Premier League and I am a season ticket holder at Manchester United. However, I do follow my local club Bury FC as much as possible. I'm a lover of all things related to football, especially like the odd game of FIFA and more than the odd game of Football Manager. If you don't find me talking about actual football you will usually find me talking about Fantasy Football. I'm a self-confessed addict. 

I'm definitely a football addict.

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