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Coventry City Fans Rally Against Northampton Town Move

By Coxy
Thursday 18th July 2013
Coventry City fan Natalie Coulson calls upon fans to meet up on Saturday July 20th for a public rally to keep the Sky Blues in Coventry and out of Northampton

Thomas Edison once said:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

This is a man who invented the light bulb; after many attempts went wrong he also famously said that he now knew “1,000 ways that won't work”.

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I know that many Coventry City Supporters are feeling apathetic, thinking what is the point of trying to fight the move to Northampton? The thing is if we don't try then we will never know.

I understand that many fans are feeling that way because I was one of them. Now, in the past, I've fought to secure planning permission for the “Jaguar” Arena, I've fought to change the badge back from that idiotic design the board tried to modify it to and I've fought to create a supporters group with a voice that was listened too. All in all, if I'm honest, I'm tired of fighting for the football club. Some of the fights we've won and some we've lost. It's even harder at the moment, as there is no football it's easier to forget the buzz you get from attending games. The tears that fell as the equaliser and subsequent winner went in against Preston North End in the League Cup. All you read about is Tim Fisher said this, Tim Fisher said that and the off-the-field events currently engulfing Coventry City Football Club.

Try to remember the first game you went to. Was it with your parent, grandparent? Remember how you felt on the walk to the ground, the excitement at seeing these players that you had heard or read about. Remember pulling on your first shirt and the pride and pleasure you got from telling everyone who you supported. Tim Fisher and co. want you to forget those feelings, they want you to feel powerless, but you are not.

Time after time supporters are told they are the 12th man, the lifeblood to any Club. We need to remind Tim Fisher of that. I can't guarantee that protests, campaigns and not spending another penny with change the current circumstance. What I can guarantee is that we will never know unless we try.

We owe it to the future generations of Coventry City supporters to at least attempt to stop this move to Northampton. Coventry City Football Club grew out of the industry of Coventry – Singers FC. The Club has so many ties to local business, the community here and to sever those (even if we take Tim Fisher at his word and say for 3-5 years) those ties will be lost.

All too often you see Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal shirts being worn around the City by children and young people. To take the Football Club away will be that sells of those shirts will increase whilst sales of Coventry City will decrease. The result a lost generation.

Join the protest – be you a Coventry City fan or just a resident of the city. Stand up and be heard. Saturday 20th July 2013 12pm Gosford Green – not that far away from where it all started and also so close to where so many of us have memories of games. Tax payers, supporters of CCFC, supporters of football all united to keep Coventry City Football Club in Coventry.

One Voice, One Club, One Community. It's worth fighting for, go on give it one more try. Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter so fans across the world can see what is happening to a once great football club.

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mmm where to start. Well I may be of the female variety of the human race but I can hold my own when it comes to football (as stated by my MALE cousin!) I'm not afraid to speak my mind (must be the red that runs through my hair). Oh and I'm a COVENTRY CITY football club supporter.

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