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David Moyes' Last Stand

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
The Scotsman's career is dangling by a mere thread of integrity, he's managing a struggling Sunderland squad who have only two points from ten games. It's going to be a long task to turn the season around if he's even afforded the chance to do so.

David Moyes famously was the figurehead of Everton for several years; his successes with the Merseyside Blues earned him the respect of the footballing community especially by his fellow Scottish counterpart, Alex Ferguson. Due to the latter's status at Old Trafford, he was effectively allowed to choose his successor. It was written, Moyes was the chosen one to follow Ferguson. It just didn't work out, though.

Instead of continuing the Manchester United legacy, he trampled a title-winning into seventh place. He was relieved of his position just ten months into the job; in what was the third shortest managerial reign in the club's history. After which he took over Real Sociedad, where he stayed for just one year – after what was considered unfruitful and was ultimately fired after poor results.

It's been far from ideal thus far. We are ten league games into the season and North East club have failed to win a game. David Moyes has seen his new team lose, lose badly and lose very badly. Results that really would have upset the applecart would have been a 3-2 loss to Crystal Palace. Defoe's brace put the side up by two, only to come undone in a frantic half-an-hour for the Eagles. The only positive results in the league, have been the 1-1 draws with Southampton and West Bromwich Albion.

That said, exterior to the league Moyes, has seen his team win in their League Cup campaign. In the said campaign, they defeated Shrewsbury Town and Queens Park Rangers. Whether or not the wins were convincing or not, they should be the starting blocks of Sunderland going forward. The winning experience and mentality needs to be taken forward. Although, it's been brought up that maybe Sunderland's squad are just not capable of coping in the Premier League. After all, their two wins were against lower-league opposition.
Footage from one of Sunderland's victorious matches this season. 

Whilst Moyes would like to go where no man has boldly gone before, a whole season in charge of Sunderland – it's unlikely he'll be given the chance. Sunderland has found an unsettling level of consistency when sacking managers. The team have gone through a passage of sacking a manager, hiring someone purely to turn it around – then remove him when he cannot continue the work, and the process starts again.

This time around however their manager, Allardyce was removed for them. We can only speculate as to what would have happened if he had not taken the England job and stayed with the Black Cats – but a similar road could have entailed. Sunderland needed a fall guy, someone to pick up the pieces and who ultimately will be sacked for “the new guy” to turn the ship around; as per the script at the Stadium of Light.

Moyes for all his experience; hasn't quite faced an uphill struggle like this. His Everton days saw him take a higher-mid-table team and make them hard to beat – not this kind of challenge. Unless he makes radical changes to Sunderland; and becomes his own successor – he may find himself unemployed and unemployable; as this could be his last stand. During the time of writing; it became apparent that Moyes has been handed a one-match touchline ban. Things certainly aren't changing quickly for the periled Scotsman.
Warren Smith

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