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David Neres looks worth the money for Ajax

Wednesday 8th February 2017
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David had been spotted for his talents long ago; rising through the ranks, with his scoring ability and quick-witted feet. In 2015 he won the award for the best U20 football player and even lifted a trophy with Sao Paulo's.

David Neres has all the attributes and talent to make for a great Brazilian player - scratch that, I mean, he already has the attributes and talent to be the greatest of players. He's exciting to watch like most Brazilain born prodigies with nothing but skill at their disposal. The kid only started his senior level in October; attracting world - wide attention from scouts, footy bloggers and currently the Ajax giants.

He's already made history with a major signing of £12million to Ajax. Ajax director Marc Overmars commented that “He is one of the biggest talents in South America, I am glad he chose to play for Ajax".

Ajax is currently lying 2nd place with 49 points from 21 matches. They are (at the moment) 5 points behind Eredivisie leaders -Feyenoord Rotterdam. David is coming into a team who usually dominate the Eredivisie league. They will occupy the 2nd spot if they maintain this good form; chasing Feyenoord until the very end.

Some say David will have a lot of fitting in to do as Ajax are already off to a flying start. The youngster will have to slot into the setup/ formation of 4-3-3 that Ajax usually uses. The winger will be like a youthful presence prancing around with fresh legs and a confident ability. I see no reason why he shouldn't display ease at the club, he is young, but he will eventually grow within the standards expected of him.

I hope Ajax will allow him more and more freedom as he progresses into 2021. His creativity ability and flair is next to none, and comparing him to Neymar is unfair and shouldn't be allowed. Let the boy be himself. Neymar is Neymar, and David is David, simple.

As well as a winger - David has the capability to score goals. If you watch the effortlessness of his movements you will see his dominance when working his magic with the ball. I have seen some clips of his play - and he moves the ball easily around the pitch, working/creating one - twos and standing his ground when a defender tries to stop him. He has a sort of strength when having his back to the defender; holding the ball to try and work a through ball or worm his way around his opposition with one of his tricks.

David is a tiny player with bags of potential, and it's promising to see such a young star move at the pace he is at the moment. I hope he doesn't burn out before his time, but I see a bright future ahead.

Christine Reynolds
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