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Dimitri Payet Doesn't Want to Play Ball

Thursday 12th January 2017
West Ham United may not be having the season they enjoyed the last campaign, in fact, they're having one of their worst that I can remember. However, that shouldn't cause a player of Dimitri Payet's quality to refuse to play.
Sadly, Slaven Bilic has spoken to the press this morning and confirmed the French international has launched his dummy from his pram and has declared he doesn't want to play for the Hammers. Apparently, Bilic is in talks with West Ham's board and chairman about the matter but what exactly does he expect to achieve by saying ‘we aren't selling him'?

Didn't Liverpool say they weren't selling Fernando Torres 48 hours before he joined Chelsea? And didn't the great Sir Alex Ferguson venomously bark at the press that Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't be sold to Real Madrid under any circumstances a few months before CR7 trotted off to the Bernabeu?

Basically, Bilic hasn't got a hope of keeping a player at the club if they don't want to be there; especially the club's best player by a country mile and probably one of the highest paid on the books – the board won't allow it!

The things Football Manager doesn't tell you is that the board actually get sick of sanctioning wages for players who aren't playing well or make these outlandish claims about not wanting to play anymore; because the team as a whole are struggling. If this continues, and Payet is made to stay, you can expect him to train with the reserves, have numerous wage deductions and eventually disappear into obscurity and sign for Red Bull Leipzig when his backside is the same size as Razor Ruddocks.

We have heard these quotes before of course. Benoit Assou-Ekotto once said he doesn't actually enjoy playing football; it's just his job and he has to do it. Equally, Anthony Vanden Borre is discussing retiring from football at 29 years old because he's lost interest/can't be bothered anymore.

No matter how many times we hear similar rumblings from a player, it never surprises us does it? If I was Dimitri Payet, earning his wage and receiving massive plaudits from fans and experts alike, I think I'd keep my mouth shut and put a transfer request in when the summer comes around – it's more than likely a club that's just survived/succumbed to relegation will let a high earner go in July rather than January.

Now if I was Slaven Bilic, I would simply take Payet to one side and explain how the rest of the season will be panning out – Clough style. Not enough managers take the late Brian Clough's approach to player management as far as I'm concerned; an ear-bashing and a quick run through the facts of life and Payet will be pinging free kicks in until the end of the season.

In brief, if you're reading Monsieur Payet: please don't be such a wally. The Premier League is already full of players it's too easy to dislike and we really don't want to add you to the list if at all possible.

Kristian Webb
A Manchester United fan who actually knows where Manchester is; I'm the chief writer for AccumulatorTips, ForzaSwansea and a contributor to WhatCulture's video game section. I'm a professional proofreader, content author and SEO Expert but that doesn't mean there won't be the odd grammatical error!

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