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Do Liverpool need a new left back?

Monday 22nd August 2016
After a horrendous performance against Arsenal, a majority of Liverpool fans are calling for Alberto Moreno to be finally axed from the side. Last week, he gave away a penalty as well gifting Theo Walcott the opening goal due to his shocking positioning. Moreno has carried on from where he left off last season against Sevilla in the Europa League Final.

A performance to forget. Before last week the fans were split. Now after his performance against Arsenal the consensus has changed and a large proportion of the fanbase are wanting a new left back to come through the doors at Melwood.

So, do Liverpool need a new left back?

No - Moreno has time on his side: Moreno is only 24, he has at least another 10 years at the top level. This means that he can improve. During his time at Sevilla, Moreno was one of the brightest talents in the whole of the Spanish top flight. However, he has never really taken that form into his Liverpool career. Jurgen Klopp certainly believes that he can improve Moreno and solidify his defensive actions otherwise a left back would have been brought in. As we well know, Klopp is known for developing players and maybe Moreno could be his newest masterstroke?

Yes - Liverpool have no back-up: Currently, Liverpool's only recognised left back is Alberto Moreno. James Milner and Ragnar Klavan can also be deployed here but in the best case scenario, Klopp will not be wanting to utilise them there. Jon Flanagan was loaned out to Burnley and will spend the season in Lancashire so other than Moreno, Liverpool has no one. If Moreno was to get injured, then Milner or Klavan would have to slot in at left back. A new left back would push Moreno to actually prove his worth and it would also result in the left back position having much more depth. A win, win situation in my opinion.
No - Moreno wants to showcase his talent: In a recent interview with James Pearce, Alberto Moreno put across that he wants to be a part of this Liverpool team for as long as possible. He wants to try and prove people wrong and sounded seriously up for doing so. With a player so up for trying to improve his game and play for a team he is clearly starting to love, trust must be placed on him to perform sometime soon. Every single Liverpool fan hopes that this is the case, but we are all still not too sure.

Yes - Moreno is costing too many points: Even though there is the argument that Jurgen Klopp may improve Alberto Moreno there is always the risk that he may lose Liverpool points. After his first summer at the helm, Klopp would probably see missing out on top 4 as an extreme failure. With the calibre of managers and players alike this season, it will be harder than ever to get into the top 4. With it being so close this season mistakes cannot be tolerated at Liverpool football club and it is almost guaranteed that Moreno with his unreliability will make one. There are better options available, solid options, and Moreno will give points away this season. His performances could cost Liverpool so much

No - A Klopp masterstroke is a possibility: As I mentioned previously, Jurgen Klopp is no stranger to developing players. Along with assistant manager, Zeljko Buvac, Klopp has manufactured some of the best players in European football. Robert Lewandowski, Mario Götze, Shinji Kagawa, Ilkay Gundogan, Mats Hummels and Nuri Sahin have all excelled under Klopp and Buvac. Moreno could easily be the next. Attacking wise, Moreno doesn't need too much improvement it's his defensive responsibilities that do. Klopp likes a challenge and Moreno may hopefully be his next successful one.
Yes - There are so many better options currently available: It's easy just to say that Moreno can be replaced by a better left back but the harsh truth is that it is the reality. Jonas Hector, Ryan Bertrand and Fabio Coentrao have all been linked with the reds recently and on current performances, they are all more solid than Moreno. It is not as if Liverpool don't have any money to spend. After the sale of Benteke, the club has gained a profit for this window and all 3 left backs mentioned will not be worth more than £25 million. It is important that Liverpool buys now rather than risk it later on.

So, in my opinion, a new left back has to be brought into Liverpool Football Club. It is too risky having just Moreno as the only recognised left back. Milner can fill the void but as I am writing this he has been horrendous and we are losing 2-0 to a weak Burnley side. Like every Liverpool fan, we want our team to succeed and we have been somewhat starved of success over the last 5 years. It is important that this year we push on and a new left back would help us do just that.
Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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