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Eden Hazard chooses Chelsea

Tuesday 29th May 2012
Eden Hazard has tonight revealed he will join Chelsea this summer, in a move that will see Roman Abramovich shell out 78 million in contract and transfer fees. This could be a pivotal signing for the London club.

The transfer saga surrounding Hazard has been going on all year, with Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur all rumoured to be fielding bids for the Belgian international.

Hazard has been producing scintillating displays for the last few seasons (he has been voted the Ligue 1 Player's Player of the Year the past two seasons) in a Lille side that is constantly improving. Unfortunately for them, this move is sure to leave Lille a weakened force.

The shock thing about this transfer is the club Hazard has chosen to go to. Many professionals in the game will be shocked by his decision as Chelsea are still currently without a permanent manager.

Hazard's reasons for choosing Chelsea are straightforward enough with the forward believing he will have more chances to play, as well as his choice of the positions. At a club like Manchester City he may not get the freedom.

The Belgian puts forward a good case but it's hard not to see past the money that is being spent on the player.

Chelsea are taking a huge gamble. Hazard is a proven player in the French league but can he stand up to the rigours of the British game. Some French players have adapted well but more often than not they struggle to adapt to the more physical British style of play.

78 million is a lot of money for one player and the pressure on Hazard will be immense; if he doesn't perform the Chelsea fans will be on the back of him straightaway. Although in this writer's opinion, Hazard could be the next Arjen Robben for Chelsea.

In an ageing team Hazard will be a welcome addition as Abramovich continues his task of rebuilding, though the point has to be argued that surely that is the manager's job not the owners.

The manager and his playing staff should be seeking out the best players. Hazard may potentially not even fit in to the plans of the manager who is yet to be appointed.

The one thing that is certain is that Chelsea are not quite stable yet. They still have a long way to go before fans can breathe easy in the belief that their club is once again heading in the right direction. Hazard may go away to calming the waters but this club needs to appoint a manager, and soon, if they hope to continue rebuilding for next season.
Phill Inman
I'm 23 years old and followed football all my life. Still waiting for my talent and prowess to get spotted on the pitch, until that happens I hope you enjoy reading my articles.

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