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8 Players who signed but never played

Monday 20th January 2020
This former Stamford Bridger all too briefly called Old Trafford home.
This former Stamford Bridger all too briefly called Old Trafford home.

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With the time put into football transfers these days and the hype built around them, players face enormous expectations to deliver the goods and justify their price tags. In some cases, though, the player never has the chance. 

Clubs may sign young prospects only to loan them out until a player puts his foot down and forces a permanent tranfer. That's not what we're on about here. In this compilation, we're interested in senior players who were expected to make an immediate impact but never even scratched the surface.

Fans are told not to believe transfer rumours until the player dons a shirt and holds up the side's scarf. Here are eight footballers who did that and still never made an appearance for the club.

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