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Who should be England's next permanent captain after Wayne Rooney?

Sunday 26th March 2017
Ah, England. The international team with so much potential, but one that always fails to deliver when it matters most. Wayne Rooney has been permanent captain since Steven Gerrard hung up his boots, but if his form is anything to go by, he won't be around for much longer... Who should get the job next?

It's probably an armband that some players would rather not have, and to be honest, I wouldn't blame anyone if they turned it down. It seems like a poison chalice for whoever captains the Three Lions, but we've picked out a few guys who we think should get it next.

Who should be England's next captain?

Joe Hart

One of a couple of logical choices for Southgate. England's captaincy is never an easy job, and I personally wouldn't give it to a goalkeeper. For some reason, I've always had this issue with goalies who have been captain's and I'm not quite sure why.

Joe Hart is a cracking player and quite comfortably our number one at the moment, but I just don't see him as a leader. Sorry, Joe, you won't be getting my vote - not that it matters...

Gary Cahill

He's turned into a real leader for Chelsea this season, and to his credit, he has been brilliant. Now 31, he wouldn't be captain for long if he did get the job, but you'd imagine he'd enjoy the opportunity to wear the armband for his country.

When the pressure is on, Cahill tends to perform at a higher level, and I really believe he'd be able to turn us into a better side if he was handed the captaincy. I wouldn't be against this move at all.

Adam Lallana

Next up, we have England's best performer over the last twelve months. After a shaky start to life at Anfield, Adam Lallana has really proven his worth to the Merseyside club. He's a real intelligent player when in possession, and he just doesn't stop running.

Similarly to Joe Hart, though, I just don't see him as an on-field leader and that may hurt his chances of getting the armband. Plus, I wouldn't want to put more pressure on him to perform, so leave him to it and let him keep putting in displays that we've become accustomed to recently.

Jordan Henderson

Another Liverpool player who is turning into Mr reliable for both club and country. Jordan Henderson is now twenty-six, and although he may not be the biggest name in football, he always does a job. I'm a big fan of his (and I'm probably in the minority), but he's the kind of player that England have been crying out for.

More often than not he's good on the ball and he doesn't mind taking a risk. He's young enough to be able to lead the side for quite a few years which must be interesting to Southgate - so I'd like to see him given a chance.

Dele Alli

The dark horse for England's captaincy. However, this is a move I would 100% be behind. Why not try something different for a change? Dele Alli has been a revelation for Spurs, and he's probably our most talented player at the moment.

Alright, he probably would have to iron out those hot-headed moments before he's seriously considered, but I see him with the potential to be our modern day Gazza. Give him a chance, because he has the possibility of being our leader for the next decade.

Who would you like to see given the armband? Let us know in the comment box below.
Jordan Street

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