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Everton fans are annoyed by more than simply Sam Allardyce

Wednesday 9th May 2018

If you happened to cast a glance at any football related talk over the past week, the topic of Everton and Sam Allardyce would have been among the hot topics. 

For the pundits, the current managerial situation at Goodison Park is a matter they cannot get their head around. Primarily, they cannot fathom why Evertonians are not praising Allardyce from the rooftops. Afterall, this is a man who came in when their club was at low ebb and steadied a ship that had been sinking for some time.

He has led them away from the relegation battle and into eighth place in the table, a position that looked far from achievable when he arrived at the club.

Other than a minor blip that had some thinking the Blues could sleepwalk into a relegation battle, it has been largely plain sailing for him on Merseyside.

Yet Allardyce is a man that is not a well-loved by the blue half of Merseyside. In fact, no more than a small minority want him to keep his job beyond this summer.

Banners have been unfurled and songs have been sung with a common goal of getting Allardyce out of Everton Football Club as soon as possible. Credit for the work he has done has been in scarce supply from those in the stands.

The majority of their ire comes as a direct result of the football that Sam Allardyce has served up.

Under Allardyce, Everton is one of the most defensive teams in the league, creating limited chances and playing long ball football better suited to the veteran boss’ playing days than this of the Premier League. 

A look at how Everton have performed against the top six during his reign only provide further evidence of that being the case.

It is not Allardyce’s football that is the real source of Everton ire, however. It is the lack of ambition that surrounds him that is at the heart of their disapproval.

Allardyce himself is a manager with limited aspirations and the football his sides play is a perfect example of that fact. Beyond the pitch, he has shown himself to be a manager that does not want to challenge the status quo and push Everton forward.

His recent declaration that the Blues want to maintain their position from this season next year is another perfect example of that fact.

Evertonians do not want a manager who will sell them pipe dreams like Roberto Martinez but they do want a manager who at least has the ambition to try and advance the club beyond seventh place. Allardyce is not such a man.

Similarly, in keeping him the club would be sending out a negative message indeed. Keeping Allardyce beyond this season would be a clear sign that ambition is not the keyword for those in charge.

It would show that Everton is a club that is happy to exist, finishing seventh or eighth every season and accepting their lot.

And that is why their fans are not happy with Allardyce. Their dislike of him is multi-faceted.

They do not like his football or his personality, but they also do not like the lack of ambition that their club would be showing by keeping him.

Evertonians want a club that competes for silverware and plays football that is befitting of their history as the School of Science and they want a manager that can help them achieve both.

Allardyce is a man that provides neither of those things. Reckless ambition is dangerous but no ambition whatsoever is far worse as far as the regular attendees of Goodison Park are concerned.

They now await what decision Farhad Moshiri makes as it will provide a clear indication of where Moshiri’s ambitions lie.

Sean Lunt

Football journalist working in the North West mainly covering Everton and Liverpool but with musings on anything football related. 

Total articles: 110

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